I am here to meet more halo followers and get to know alot as I was in the halo community in pass but after reach started to go down so did I but with it coming back I hope to get back in the community to get to know people and grow a clan once again and have some fun.
My Discord: technoman32#0337
It is better to contact me through discord as I am always on it

Spartan Company

Tranquility Armada

Tranquility Armada

Be calm or cause commotion


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Est. 12/3/2019

I welcome those that follow the teachings of the Sangheili of honor. We have basic rules here and easy to follow
1. No disrespect to anyone we are all living beings.
2. When under stress do not get out of hand and start yelling at top of lungs. If need to, talk to me in a private chat and we can get the problems sorted out I hope
3. When in meeting keep mic off.
4. Dont fight in front of everyone, if you are going to fight take it somewhere else.
5. If have an idea do not be afraid to speak up if it is a good time.
6. No killing other clan members unless off duty or game night.
7. Stay active in the clan and always get recruits
8. Respect higher ups
9. Don't be afraid to report a higher up if they are abusing their power.
11. When not together you can take off uniform on put on your own but when together in raids, meetings, and training's you must have your uniform on.

Rankings: Each rank is earned by either how many enemies you've killed in a clan raid, meetings/training's attended, recruits you have recruited, and good behavior

Kaidon: Ramo Ravamee
High Councilor, Highest rank to be earned:(Crysis)

Honor Guard Councilor, most skilled of all the clan and most well respected and out ranks anyone who isnt in High Command:(Kisan Munamee) My 2nd in command
Honor Guard Ultra 50 points:
Honor Guardsmen chosen:

Spec ops commander hand picked:()
Spec ops Headhunter 100 points:()
Spec ops Major 50 points:()
Spec ops Minor 25 points:()


Field marshal 250 points or hand picked:()
Zealot 200 points: ()
General Ultra 150 points: ()
General 100 points:()
Ultra 50 points:()
Major 25 points:()
Minor 15 points:()
Cadet: Crysis

If wondering how does one join the other divisions well you must be a ultra and you pick which division you want to be in except for honor guard. The higher ups will give you the option if they or myself think you are worth of guarding us during our raids, meetings, and training's

RAIDS: 5 For showing up
MEETINGS: 5 For showing up and listening in but 5 points if meeting is with another clan and you behaved.
TRAINING'S: 5 for showing up
GAME NIGHTS: 5 points for staying and having fun and if made my day or a high ups day you get a full promotion
KILLS: .25 per kill as in a raid it can last awhile and if victorious you get a promotion automatically if you follow the strategies and orders.
RECRUITS: If you find 2 recruits and attend a training with the recruits at least 1 time and they behave then a automatic promotion if you are a cadet or minor
BONUS: If you happen to be recruiting at a alarming rate you will be brought in before myself and 2nd in command and be evaluated and if we find you worth we boost you up to Field Marshall or you get to choose which division you would like to be in.
Oh and if you save any of the higher ups from assassination attempt, that is automatic promotion

If you happen to get to the bottom on congrats

Every week there will be 4 different training's and 1-2 meetings for promotions

We are based on teamwork and communication. We have training's to better our communication together as one. We have Game nights every weekend to show we can have to. We have simulated raids to improve our combat skills. We treat all with respect even if another clan is being disrespectful, don't worry we will get them back but we gotta be the bigger guys first. We want everyone to recruit at least 2 people and stay friends with them and help them along the way to show leadership to everyone.
We have order and ranks to show how hard we have worked to get there. Above all else we are there for each other.

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