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Goday I'm Chips Dubbo I'm a Current ln serving UNSC Marine in the 79th Infantry Battalion Of NavSpecWar the original, If you're getting salty about that comment, man up! I've been with NavSpecWar for 4 years now and im happy to continue I've got good loyal friends and comrades much like my actual life the British army as a sapper.

I don't hold grudges on people and tend to be level headed I think reason and logic rather than being jerk and biting at someone's throut. NavSpecWar's gone through alot of changes over the years we've had 2 splits. The first was jealousy and corruption but we stamped that out and the second is currently going strong because some people hold grudges over people when they should stop being an angry sailor and carry on like a normal person would set the example you know.

The split to make it clear is simply 2 NavSpecWar's One full of my old comrades some were kicked for dozens of good reason and some retired that realised they wanted to come back the over half I'm in is with the fresh bloods Who are moving on and has a few old members that like me stool to my guns and continued.

I've been offered positions in the over one but I denied it because that's just being jack towards my mates. Others have gone over to the other NavSpecWar due to snaky offers and false rumors they even started handing out personal details Just so they can get at us. I just want to carry on with the people I know and trust to have a good time not stab them in the back.

Now for one of my personal quotes " Whooah it's like a post card!, Dear Sarge kicking -Yoink- in outer space wish you here", " I heard that JackAss"

I'm also a contact point for NavSpecWar's recruitment so if you want to enlist Message me UNSC C Dubbo which brings me to my last thing there are other clans using my tag I'd appreciate it if you invented you're own thank you.

Hello been a while since I last posted I've now updated my Gamertag to Randall O37 II, yes you read that correctly I've become a conscript from after some time with the 65th Drop Shock Division , nearly 7 years of service and I've gotten to this point. Will post soon.

Hello, been a few months since the last Post I'd just like to say Navspecwar is now on Reach MCC and are recruiting for the 79th Marine battalion Message me if interested.

Spartan Company

UNSC NavSpecWar

UNSC NavSpecWar

Stack Bodies

19 Members

Est. 10/20/2015

Official NavSpecWar group. There are other clans named NavSpecWar if you have any questions or concerns about any of our members please contact our Spartans directly. Spartan 087 SII (Spartan CO) Spartan O51 SII (Spartan XO). We have been labeled with other groups actions before and would be more than happy to clear up any confusion.

Waypoint hub for the Halo clan "NavSpecWar" aka the Naval Special Warfare division of the UNSC. Home of the 79th Marine Battalion and others.

Please note that we do not actively recruit through Halo Waypoint, so if you're interested please contact one of our members directly. Leadership checks their messages on Live daily.

For those interested in joining, we recruit through the 79th Marine Battalion (yes, this means you have to join in and become a marine before trying to get anywhere else in our clan). We take our clan and it's members fairly seriously. We are not a highly competitive clan, although we do have a competitive team for such instances. We also have forgers, recreational players, and a strong set of leaders. Our clan enjoys raids, 4v4s, customs, and general matchmaking.

Our marines, the heart of our group, makes up our general populous of members. Here you'll find people of all sorts of backgrounds and beliefs. Though these are our less serious and dedicated members, you'll quickly find yourself in a strong brotherhood with a rich heritage and love for the Halo universe. General requirements for joining are that you must be at least fourteen years of age, have a working headset, adhere to our uniform regulations and code of conduct, and above all be a team player. We don't have a lot of room for lone wolves.

Our ODSTs are a tighter knit group with members that strive to provide excellence in both discipline and skill. They have more extensive training and are with each other quite often. If you have what it takes to be a part of such a unit, you must first prove your dedication to the marine branch. ODSTs are after all marine special forces. Although they are a bit more competitive than those of the 79th, they don't let their role in our clan get to their heads. Held to a higher standard, ODSTs represent the best of our marines.

Spartan IIs represent the best that our clan has to offer. Hand picked and trained extensively, these members have shown dedication towards the clan unlike any other. This isn't a branch you can request to join, nor is it one we offer much information on. I will say that these members act as role models and leaders across the clan as a whole, as they embody all of our clans values. If you have any issues, one of my Spartans will be there to assist you.

Before you message us, know that we take our rules pretty seriously. We're big on respect, both towards fellow members, and other players in general. We don't t-bag, trash talk, take assassination photos, etc. We're mature players here, not children, so as a member we'll hold you accountable for such standards. We have uniforms, and we expect our members to play with us when they can. Also - we don't allow for double-clanning (being a member of other groups) as it causes a conflict of interest when we need you for certain events (such as training, raids, meetings, etc). If all of that sounds fine, then shoot one of us a message.

~Spartan 087 SII

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