My name is Ryan Alexander Nishizu, Spartan ID Echo-6-2-1, founder and leader of the multi-faction Spartan team: the Kingslayer Alliance.

I stand in service to, and in defense of, all who call themselves a Kingslayer. Anyone who threatens us answers to me.

I work with six different armor presets: War Master, Skyjacker, Infiltrator, Vanguard, Executioner, and my most notable one: Kingslayer.

War Master: seen commonly in Arena game types
ARMOR: Rogue Cutthroat
VISOR: Dynasty
ARMOR COLORS: Blueberry-Vermilion
EMBLEM COLORS: Salt-Coral-Blueberry

Skyjacker: used for piloting experimental vehicles
ARMOR: Recluse Laeta
HELMET: Teishin
VISOR: Burgundian
EMBLEM: Principle
ARMOR COLORS: Blueberry-Sienna
EMBLEM COLORS: Sienna-Salt-Blueberry

Infiltrator: seen commonly in Custom game types (e.g. DayZ, Jenga, etc.)
ARMOR: Warrior Blade
HELMET: Venture
VISOR: Solar
EMBLEM: Keeper of the Domain
ARMOR COLORS: Blueberry-Clementine
EMBLEM COLORS: Clementine-Blueberry-Pumpkin

Vanguard: gifted by 915 Forlorn Overseer; purpose unknown
ARMOR: Atlas Vigilant
HELMET: Atlas Vigilant
VISOR: Connected
EMBLEM: Covenant Signet
ARMOR COLORS: Pepper-Tyrian
EMBLEM COLORS: Emerald-Tyrian-Pepper

Executioner: anti-Flood combat gear
ARMOR: Operator
HELMET: War Master
VISOR: Gallows
EMBLEM: Kinetic
ARMOR COLORS: Blueberry-Vermilion
EMBLEM COLORS: Lime-Rust-Blueberry

Kingslayer: most notable armor preset; seen on Warzone Firefight
ARMOR: Vector Interrupt
HELMET: Helioskrill
VISOR: Clockwork
EMBLEM: Misriah Armory
ARMOR COLORS: Blueberry-Clementine
EMBLEM COLORS: Clementine-Pumpkin-Blueberry

Any request for insight on force deployments, weapon development, or otherwise must consult with Class S Alliance personnel, for they have permission to disclose this intel ơ̡n͔̊ t̀h́̏ě̲̥̽̑i̛̗͇̰͂͝r̡̘̝̒̐͆ [DATA EXPUNGED]

Spartan Company

Kingslayer Alliance

Kingslayer Alliance

The Regiment of Regicide


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Est. 4/2/2017

Qui casus...sunt qui scire volant. - "Those who take the fall...are those who learn to fly."

Welcome to the Alliance! I am RandomNothing36, founder and leader.

The Kingslayer Alliance is a Spartan Company comprised of a multitude of soldiers: ranging from snipers to assassins, rogues to mercenaries, and many more. My main goal for the Alliance is to transform it from a ragtag band of Spartan Companies into a full-fledged division of the UNSC.

If you wish to see the full bio, descriptions of each allied company, and how to sign up, click here: [DATA EXPUNGED]

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