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U.K lone wolf into anything and everything Halo. Played every single Halo console game since 2001. I love the games the books the entire Halo universe.

I am also on where I am known as Reign of Bane (there for Halo only and was there before Waypoint existed).

Proud leader the Maethrillian Reclaimers. A Spartan Company one hundred members strong that was founded purely out of the love of Halo.

I am also the proud former leader of another great Spartan Company once known as the Onyx Spartan Brotherhood.

"You are what you dare"

Spartan Company

Maethrillian Reclaimers

Maethrillian Reclaimers

Together we are unstoppable!


42 Members

Est. 2/15/2016

Maethrillian Reclaimers
We are a international Spartan Company which was founded purely out of the love of everything Halo. We play Halo together and love having fun while we do so. However we are competitive, in competitive game modes.

Microphones are not necessary but are preferable. Skill level, ranking, gender, and location are not important but we only want active Spartans. We are especially keen to recruit Spartans for Halo 5, MCC and Halo Infinite.

>Play Halo.
>Be respectful to other company members and players that join us.(disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated, banter is fine).
>Stick together and work together on the battlefield and fight as a company when we team up and wear the Reclaimer emblem when we do so.
>When we play together, no intentional kill stealing or betrayals also no yoinking or deliberately spawn trapping the enemy, AS UNLIKE SOME, WE ARE HONOURABLE!
>No quitting in competitive game modes such as Arena when playing as a Company (network issues aside).
>Only leaders can recruit so fake recruiting for this company or recruiting for bigger clans is an instant bootable offence. We are not affiliated with nor ever will be, with any other clan.
>Most important rule is that you have fun as it's not a job it's Halo!! =}

About us
We play Halo 5, MCC, Reach, Wars 1/2 etc. We have a Xbox Club ONLY for Maethrillian Reclaimers called The Domain.

We play also some customs from time to time as well. Aka our Reclaimer Rumbles.

Also we love the Halo novels and Halo media. We welcome those Spartans that feel the same as us.

Whether it be Halo CE on MCC, Halo 5 or Infinite etc. We all love Halo and prefer members that feel the same way too that also want to have fun whilst working towards collective goals.

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