I'm good with sniper and shotgun, but I work best on making strategies. If you're wondering about my name, it was supposed to be Robot Sangheili,but since I was distracted while typing my name, I managed to write Robot Sanhilei. My main work is in the infection zones but I can be good in other areas. I work better with a team most of the time and uh...yeah, I didn't get too far during the one on one battles.

My best weapons in the Halo games are: Assault Rifle, DMR, SAW, Sniper, Magnum, and SMG.

CE: 1st rank
2: 1st rank
3: Private Grade 1
ODST: I don't know
Reach: Captain
4: SR 23
5: SR 19

Steam: Fellgamer
Fandom: Keulron

Roses are red, and violets are blue. One day we'll cruise down, Bloodgulch Avenue. It's Red vs. red, and Blue vs. blue. It's I against I and me against you.
Violets are blue. And roses are red. Living like this, we were already dead.
Hop in my car, don't have any dooooooors. It's built like a cat. It lands on all fours.
My car's like a Puma it drives on all fours.
Red versus red, and blue versus blue.
-Blood Gulch Blues

Spartan Company

Winters Grace

Winters Grace

Have adversity, yield to none.

16 Members

Est. 1/14/2019

~ Winter's Grace
Requirements to join...
• You must be 13 or older
• Mic is required, if broken get one immediately
• Must speak fluent English
• Play respectfully and honorably
• Need to be active
Winter's Grace is about efficiency. Our goal is to pursue higher levels of achievement through teamwork. We are a fairly moderate clan in terms of skill, some highly capable. While some of those are competitive, we know how to relax and enjoy the moment.

"We work amongst the shadows, quietly dedicating our lives to improve those of others"

Leader - vSpectraI
Co-Founder - Div Vl

Rules & Regulations are currently being implemented and changed.
Starting February 1st, we will start enforcing rules such as emblems etc.


Game Nights
Every Friday and Saturday we will have game nights from 6:00PM - 9:00PM (Eastern Standard) there is no punishment for not coming, however, we highly encouraged you to join us and meet other members. We will have different maps every week!

Social / Neutral / Competitive
Throughout the community various different players may prefer certain playstyles. While countless other clans focus on only one type, we focus on all. We understand this so we have implemented alternative solutions.

Each member will have the option of joining either a Social or Competitive team.

Once this has been submitted to vSpectraI, I will then mark you below as "Neutral"
From here, the selected player will wait until he/she is chosen from a Team Leader to join their squad.

Social Teams
These are the players who are less competitive and would rather spend time enjoying the moment to the fullest. A chill group of players who like to join in events and relax some.

Competitive Teams
These are the individuals who are the most dedicated, they will contemplate and help other members achieve a higher ranking status. They are always looking for ways to improve.

Neutral Players
Players who are "Marked For Placement"
They will soon be placed in a team by a leader or may start their own if they meet the set requirements.

With the certain requirements granting leadership, they will choose who will be part of their team. There is NO limit to the amount of teams listed.

Minimal Team Members: 2
Maximum Team Members: 4

Social Team Leader Rules
• SR Rank 50+
• Any KDA
• Leadership Qualities
• Working Mic

Competitive Team Leader Rules
• SR Rank 80+
• Positive KDA
• Leadership Qualities
• Minimal Rank Diamond
• Working Mic
Competitive Teams ☆
Social Teams ☆
Neutral Players ☆
Discord will be added later and team tournaments will soon begin once they fill. Brackets will be placed.

If you're interested or feel the need to have more information. Message us ^

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