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I mainly play Halo: Reach, I make maps for the race gametype. Yea.

I also check this site almost everyday, so if you message me I will probably get it within the next 24 hours. :D

Halo Games I have beat on Legendary:

Halo 3: ODST [Completed Solo]

Halo: 3 [Completed Solo]

Halo: 2[inprogress Solo]

Halo: Reach [Inprogress Solo]

Halo: 4 [Inprogress Solo]

Halo: CE [Not started in legendary]

Spartan Company

HAL0 Reach Racing League

HAL0 Reach Racing League

Experience Halo Pack Racing


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Est. 9/22/2020

12 different tracks, battling for the lead with strategy!

The 12 tracks:

The HRRL (Halo Reach Racing League) is meant for SPEED!

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