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Service Record of SPARTAN-II Matt-115

Basic information

Name: Matt
Service Number: S-115
Rank: Commander
Gender: M
Birth place: REDACTED
Birth Date: REDACTED
Enlistment Date: REDACTED
Location: REDACTED


Current Unit: Spartan Branch, 7th Spartan Battalion, Sable Company, Sable Team
Former Unit: UNSC Navy, Naval Special Warfare Command, SPARTAN-II Program, Sable Team

Service Information

Primary Military Specialization: Command and Assault
UNSC Tenure / Years of active duty: REDACTED

Previous engagements

  • Operations from February 2525- June 2552 REDACTED
  • Fall of Reach, July 25, 2552 - August 30, 2552
  • Battle of Earth, October 20, 2552 - December 3, 2552
  • Operations from November 2552 to October 2558: REDACTED
Current Operation: REDACTED

Spartan Company

Sable Company

Sable Company

Spartans Never Die


9 Members

Est. 10/19/2015

Conscription into the SPARTAN II Project

The unit first started off as a fire team in 2517 when the REDACTED were conscripted into the SPARTAN II Project at the age of REDACTED. The team at age of REDACTED went through the augmentation process. All Sable Team members survived the augmentation. After, the Spartans were given their MJOLNIR Armour Mark IV.

2525 Sable Team Roster

Kyle-047 (Second in Command)
Matt-115 (Commander)

Sable Team Mission History

The team was declared combat ready in January 2525.

Operations from February 2525 to June 2552: REDACTED

In July 2552, while training on Reach at their home base known as REDACTED. The team was told to go they would be apart of Operation: RED FLAG. When ONI and HIGHCOM found out the Covenant was on Reach, the operation was cancelled. Sable Team was given orders to defend the ONI facility Olympic Tower. After the arrival of Noble Team, Sable Team was issued orders to return to the UNSC Aegis Fate. The commander of Sable Team, Matt-115 rejected the order until all civilians left New Alexandria and remaining Spartans teams not on assignment could link up. After the remaining Spartan teams linked up with Sable Team, Sable sent a EVAC beacon. A pelican arrived for the Spartans and left for the frigate. The team arrived on the frigate and was sent for a debrief, Sable Teams handler announced they would not face punishment for their actions, for what saved thousands of lives. The UNSC Aegis Fate went into a slip space jump bound for Earth.

The team arrived at Earth on REDACTED. The team was issued MJOLNIR Armour Mark VI. During the Battle of Earth, Sable Team was sent to REDACTED facility in REDACTED. Sable defended the facility from waves of Covenant but a pair of Hunters both shot their fuel rod cannons injuring Stephen-192, an Ultra ranked Sangheili then shot its plasma rifle at the Spartan, hitting him in the neck. The rest of Sable gave cover while Rory-195 retrieved Stephen-192. A SDV class heavy corvette arrived at the facility pressuring the team. Andy-074 boarded the corvette by a jump jet pack to relieve pressure. The corvette went into a slip space jump causing heavy damaged to the surrounding area. Andy-074 was listed MIA after the firefight. Stephen-192 was WIA but was able to recover from his injuries but was unable to speak due to the plasma burn.

Operations from November 2552 to October 2558: REDACTED

Becoming a Company

After the Human-Covenant War, The fireteam was then recruited by Lieutenant Commander Musa-096 and Jun-A266 in 2553 to be apart of the Spartan branch. All team members were giving augmentation upgrades and the new MJOLNIR Armour GEN II.

In 2556, Musa-096 grew the fireteam to a full sized company to the best Spartans in the branch and promoted Matt-115 to Company Commander and Kyle-047 to remain second in Command. Musa-096 then told the Spartans that the company is to be named Sable and that the Company is first in the newly formed 7th Spartan Battalion. The company now operates from the UNSC Pillar of Autumn II.

Current Spartans in the Company as of October 2558

Kyle-047 (Second in Command)
Matt-115 (Company Commander)

Spartans of the Company listed as WIA / MIA / KIA as of October 2558

Adam-007: Listed as MIA during Operation: REDACTED (REDACTED)
Andy-074: Listed as MIA during the Battle of Earth (27/10/2552)

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