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Spartan Company

117th Assault Company

117th Assault Company

Pugno Terrae


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Est. 8/11/2016

The 117th Assault Company was created in honor of the legendary Spartan 117; one of the most legendary soldiers of the UNSC and a hero to Humanity.
Members of the 117th are some of the best as we aim to show the same level of courage, bravery and skill as our namesake once did in the fight against the Covenant.

Do you have what it takes to be in the 117th?


Despite the over-the-top description this is actually a very casual Spartan Company.
We have a short list of requirements for people who wish to join but aside from that it's more or less very laid-back.

Member requirements:
1: At least 15 years of age.
2: Basic skills with the English language, we're not expecting you to write a book.
3: Relatively mature, no exessive swearing, trashtalking and the like.

Overall we like to keep a nice, friendly and clean atmosphere. No member should feel that they're being treated poorly.
We're all a team.

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