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I give out free hugs, but am not responsible for any head or spinal injuries caused by said hugs.

Should you need to contact me for some unknown reason, you should go through my Xbox account, which is identical to my profile name here. Yes I managed to get a name from Star Wars, and it's awesome.

My RP character. (Revised)
Name: Jackson
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Date of birth: 2511
Armor: Mjolnir MK VI Gen 1
Helmet: CQB
Armor color: Red and Silver
Preferred weapons: BR55, Type 1 Energy Sword.
Gear: Bubble Shield.
Rank: Chief Petty Officer.
Service tag: S115
Affiliation: UNSC
Role: Vehicular Expert, CQB Expert, Spartan II
Character description: Good natured and chivalrous, but brutal when angered.
Bio: One of the few survivors of Reach, the deaths of the other Spartans weigh heavily upon him. He deals with the trauma by keeping an outwardly, almost aggressively, positive demeanor and outlook on life. He is the most social of the Spartan II soldiers and has personal rivalries with a few ODST units, which are friendly, thankfully.

Spartan Company

Project Valkyrie

Project Valkyrie

Escorts of Valhalla


18 Members

Est. 10/19/2015

Note to Potential Recruits:
I, Saesee Tiin, barely check this website anymore. If you're interested in joining, you'll have to contact me by sending a message on Xbox. Don't worry, my account here is linked to my Xbox account, so I'll see it for sure.
(P.S: Please make sure you are not currently in a Spartan Company when requesting to join.)

Whenever I get to it blurb.
My plasma pistol is bigger than yours.

About us.
We are the creators and editors of the roleplay 'The Survivors' on Halo Waypoint. We play Halo quite often and would welcome more people for our BTB, Warzone, and custom game nights. We are extremely lax with protocol and such, but you will be required to call our leader Commander Herpenderp. As of now, we've mostly parted ways, but Lieutenant Dodger and I still play regularly so there's plenty of action to get in on.

If you wish to read our Seasons, you may do so by clicking the links.
Series One:
Prelude: Demons of Reach (This season was cancelled early, but is still canon with Series One.)
Season 1: First Season
Season 2: Amassing
Season 3: The Survivors
Season 4: The Hunters
Season 5: Paradox (This season is not canon with the rest of Series 1, but for SRV Zephyr's characters it is, because time travel.)
New Beginnings (This season was cancelled early, but is canon with Seasons 1-5, and is canon for Zephyr's characters.)
Season 6: New Generations
Season 7: Falling Out
Season 8 Part 1: Initiation
Season 8 Part 2: Initiation Part 2
As The Survivors has been rebooted (AGAIN), assume that none of the previous seasons are canon. Enjoy the read otherwise! (Note, Series One seasons were not meant to fit into the Halo canon. Expect weird shenanigans, time travel, and a love triangle.)
(Screw you and my love triangle. Thank God for lore for fixing that. -Rose)
(I regret nothing. Every single explosion was worth it. -Zephyr)
Series Two:
Season 1: The Beginning
Here is the third iteration of the Survivors roleplay, after our second reboot.
Series Three:
Season 1: Call to Action

Gamedays are on Fridays and Saturdays.
Check the Gameday forum for details on the when and where, or message Saesee Tiin.

Current and New Members
You are required to be active. How you are active is up to you. Some suggestions are joining and talking in parties, participating in the forums or gamedays, etc. If you randomly go offline due to an injury or sickness or personal problems, that is alright. So long as you tell a lieutenant.

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