Hell Jumper, ready to drop.


...But what does it mean to be an ODST?

Before Spartans were in high demand, there were us. We were humanity's last hope.

Orbital Drop Shock Trooper. That's what I am. Ready at all times, any second to be dropped in the midst of the battlefield, going in with guns blazing. We are heroes... we were heroes... These Spartans are taking our place. Don't get me wrong, soldier. The Spartans truly became humanity's last hope. However, don't you think it was a bit odd how they came out of nowhere? The war against the Covenant was getting worse by the hour, every victory we got, we knew was just prolonging the inevitable. Everyone knew what was coming for us, but then the Spartans showed up. Gave us hope. The Spartan II's were all so brave. My ODST's were too, but it was only a matter of time until they met their demise.

Being one of the top ODST fireteams a lot is expected from you. We always got paired up with Spartans and with them we would only do the most insane missions. Jumping off falling buildings and crap. This ain't even the regular ODST stuff, This is just madness on another level. I've always respected the Spartans for what they are, but not who made them, or why they were made. There has been talk among people about why the Spartans were really made. ONI didn't know. They didn't know about the Covenant. They didn't know war was at our doorstep. They were going to use them to control us. Control the world. I'm not sure how to feel about that. Luckily, it ain't my job to know how I feel.

The Spartans and I share a common interest, complete the mission at all costs. Mission Objective: Save Humanity. For that reason, we get along. Even if they aren't the friendliest people around, they can talk on the field.

ODSTs are almost always combat dropped. We do it so often we got nicknames for ourselves around the UNSC. Hell Jumpers... I like it.

ODSTs are the UNSC's most highly skilled soldiers, next to the Spartans of course. Hell Jumpers are always on the edge, it's not easy. The kind of fights and missions we go through... Recon missions, LZ clearing, Eliminations, Assaults, Juggernaut take downs, it's no easy task. Being an ODST, you have to leave that lone wolf stuff behind, when we're in a firefight, we're a team. We work together in this enormous battle all in hopes to save the world and return to the ones we love.

We combat dropped about 100 yards from our rendezvous point with a team of Spartans. The Covenant saw our drop pods enter atmosphere and had ambushed us. Gabriel's hatch got jammed on landing, they blew his pod up sky high. Rick landed just on top of the cliff next to me, was giving me support from up there with his sniper rifle, as he saved my back I turned and looked at him, gave him the nod and kept shooting. Moments later I hear a yell. A brute had grabbed him from behind. Slammed rick into the ground and crushed his chest with a Gravity Hammer. Was this it for us? I saw Jenny's pod land over the hill ahead of me, almost out of ammo I got through the enemy until her pod was in sight. A hundred bodies lay there. Grunts, Jackals, Brutes, Elites... Jenny. The Spartans knew there was trouble and got to her pod first but they were still too late. A Beam Rifle shot, right through her head, she lay in one of the Spartan's hands. The Covenant will pay for this.

ODST's have a very distinct attitude. One that grows on you and never leaves you. Fast forward some years and Humanity was saved by the last Spartan... But now there are the new Spartans. Spartan IV's. Despite having turned into one of them, believe me when I say soldier, I'm an ODST at heart.

... Sir, we'll reach our checkpoint in ten, we're going in hot!

That's our cue, check your gear and get set for a combat drop.

- Hell Jumper, out.

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This Spartan Company is for competitive playing and fun. Here we can schedule events and see how many of us will be on and at what times. Also we can share our Game DVR clips here for whoever wants to see it! In this company we're going to schedule dates for Warzone runs and Arena runs, when I announce a Warzone run it will typically be about one week before the actual day just to give time for all the members to check in and say whether they're up to it or not. Arena runs, however, only need few people and so if you wanna play with people you only need to post something maybe the morning of, asking if someone in the company wants to play. I'll keep updating this but for now...

Check you're gear, and get SET for a combat drop.

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