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In 2511 Vice Admiral Preston Jeremiah Cole (service number 03956-26127-PC) conscripted Doctor Catherine Halsey for her services and expertise. About this same time, Dr. Halsey had just initiated the Spartan ll program and Admiral Cole had requested for her to create a secret team of four Spartans to be under his personal command. This team of Spartans were to not be involved in any other UNSC missions and away from all knowledge of Admiral Margaret Parangosky.

As these Spartans progressed in their training they were assigned their first mission. It was February of 2525, Vice Admiral Cole gathered the largest force ever assembled to take back Harvest from the Covenant. It was time to activate Fire Team Gregoreo, for their first mission these Spartans were to retrieve high ranking officers who were undercover for ONI along with classified material on the planet Harvest, the mission was code named Silent Knight. They were given strict orders to not engage in any combat during this mission. This Fire Team consisted of Spartan Jake G026 (Gregoreo CDR), Spartan Juan G024, Spartan Mike G070, and Spartan Glenn G141. Soon, possibly one of the most strategic missions of Harvest, Silent Knight, was a complete success. After being forged at the Battle of Harvest, the four Spartans were promoted to the rank of lieutenant and all their missions remained classified above Top Secret with a history deeper and darker than ONI itself. These four Spartans served Admiral Cole for many years and never failed a mission or lost a man. After Admiral Cole's death, the only personnel who had any knowledge of Fire Team Gregoreo was Dr. Catherine Halsey and Chief Franklin Mendez.

As the team completed other missions they received many awards and medals for Valor. After one such mission the team gained a new enlistee, a Spartan-III named Cassidy G169, her G representing "Gamma" as she was the soul surviving member of Team Katana. Spartan-G169 was assigned to Gregoreo by Chief Franklin Mendez, the trainer of the Spartan ll's and co-trainer of the Spartan III's. This new union now formed a larger team of lieutenants. The new team had to be re-flagged to another code name, the name Fighting Eagles was chosen. From then on all Spartan lieutenants from Spartan-G169 onward who joined the the group would be enlisted under the call sign of "Eagle" before their Spartan number. Years passed, mission after mission had gone by, the Planet Reach had fallen, and the Covenant had seemingly escaped with murder. Yet another mission more classified than the first at Harvest was issued for Fire Team Fighting Eagles to take on. A mission driven by revenge for what the Covenant had done to Fire Team Noble on Reach and how Noble 6 had gallantly died at the hands of his enemy. A mission so dangerous, so complex, and so time consuming that the mission would require more Spartans than just the five Eagles, hyper-lethal Spartan IV's were brought in.

In order to accomplish this super top secret mission the Eagles enlisted new lieutenants to the group, Spartan Johnny E027 (Vapor CDR), Spartan Rafael E187, Spartan Ben E007, Spartan Andy E013 from Spartan Fire Team Vapor. Operation Noble Retribution was about to be in full swing, this mission was a mission to track down the Sangheili Zealots, Field Marshal, Draug Varta and Field Master, Paar Va'all, that had killed Fire Team Noble and dealt the final blow to Spartan-B312...

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The Rules:

        • It is preferred that you be 18 years or older to be in Bravo Company, but we may make a wavier for that without issue.
        • A mic to communicate is PREFERRED when playing in teams!
        • It is suggested that you get ranked in at least 1 game type EACH SEASON!
        • You must be "friendly" to all members of the Company. There is trash talking allowed but don't dish it out if you can't take it.


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