Hello! I am the SaneMountain212 but you can call me Sane! The only ranked Spartan here with Autism probably on Waypoint. I been a Halo fan since 4 years old since playing Halo 2. I'm have been told as a Legend and I joined Waypoint on 12/08/15. I might be the youngest and maybe fastest ranked soon to be Spartan Onyx on Waypoint.
I fought the Community Engineer Cizlin, results: lost
Name: Sane

Service #:S-212

Unit: ONI Spec Ops

Primary Military Specialization: Assassin

Enlistment Date: 2517

Location: [Classified]

Gender: M

Birthplace: Earth

Birth Date: July 30th 2511

Performance: Lethal with silent weapons in close quarters and long range


NOTES: He has this rare thing for a Spartan to have called Autism

Spartan's choice of equipment: Energy Sword and modified Energy Dagger. Silenced M932 Designated Marksmen Rifle with modified scope. Silenced M6D with Burst fire features. Duel wielded M7S with modified bullets.

.Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Battle of Reach and Earth

Current Operation:[Classified]

Notable Relations: [Classified]

Service Commendations: [Classified]

UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty:[Classified]

Letters of recommendation from previous commanders: S-212 has been showing me the best work I have never seen. He is quite proficient at stealth then any Spartan I trained. He is quite talented with sword and the knife and special "exotic prototype blade weapons. He also a damn accurate marksmen with the BR55 and M932. He is damn a good marksmen almost having the same results with S-058 but damn close.
Mendez 2525
I use to have a song here but you can see it right here a day support it! Link

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Swords of Sparta

Swords of Sparta

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Our objective is to get the Achilles Armor as well as the Helmet.
To do that we are growing in numbers to get there faster. Most of our members play on a daily basis.

We play custom games (fun and competitive) as well as online multiplayer together (competitive).
Most of us are in our early 20's & going to college.

Our playtimes are usually in the afternoon up until 1am(Central time). On weekends we stay later depending on our schedules.

***As of now we already have the Achilles Armor***
However, you can still join us and get the Achilles Helmet.

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