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Old school halo player (none toxic tho! and happy to hear other peoples opinion without attacking or telling them why they are wrong)

Age when I first played halo: I was about 6-7 years old

First halo game: Halo 2

Favorit halo game: Either Halo Reach or Halo 5 because I like to play custom games a lot.

If only one halo game was created which one would I like the most to come out: Halo 3 because of the campaign and the awesome multiplayer maps

Best and worst campaign by my personal preference: Well I would say that the best campaign is probably for me Halo 3 cause I enjoyed the story and the gameplay is really fun and doesn't become boring. Worst campaign: I would say Halo 5 Guardians because story wise it was really bad and also gameplay wise everything was pretty much the same and nothing got exciting. I mean we got to have the same boss battle like what was it 5-6 times? This ain't Super Mario Bros on Nintendo but even they managed to give the same boss fight and make it not become boring. During gameplay It also always felt like I was waiting for something big to happen but never really did until of course the end when Chief finally met you know who again. Did really enjoy Halo 5 multiplayer tho! (I don't mean to sound so negative, just wanted to share my opinion)

I'm excited for Halo Infinite

Spartan Company

Potato Chicken Salad

Potato Chicken Salad

we put the suck in success

90 Members

Est. 7/4/2020

Join our spartan company (or fireteam or clan or whatever you want to call it), Potato Chicken Salad today! Please!

We are a group of experienced casual Halo players who are still as bad as our clan name who like playing Halo.
Join if you're looking for a group to play with, want to be in a spartan company, and if you want the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
We aren't aiming for anything in particular (other than having fun), but if we somehow get the Achilles armor, that'd be cool I guess.

If you're looking to join, here's the requirements:
  • Be mature
  • Be friendly
  • Be active on something Halo-related at least once a week
  • Don't do anything stupid that'll make me have to make another requirement
If the company's full, we have an alternative company if you're that desperate to join. we also have a company for active players who want

If you have any other questions about anything, please message one of the following:
Also, check out our discord channel

We have a clan for Destiny 2 as well, if anybody's interested.
We also have a Titanfall 2 network, under this same name.

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