I loved Halo, I still do to an extent now, but I'm not as happy with the games. I liked the dynamic of how Spartans were child soldiers, the 2s were replaced by clones after being kidnapped, the 3s were orphans who lost their families or just wanted to kill the Covenant, and rather than being a special forces were sent on suicide missions. I like Halo ODST, because they were ordinary soldiers with families who risked death everyday. Personally I don't think Spartan 4s were a good idea, I'd be fine if there was a second Orion, since Johnson was supposedly from the Orion and that allowed him immunity to the flood, in fact I think it could have even been done as a response to the flood. Giving qualified marines or ODSTs Spartan armour was always something that bugged me, it changed the whole point, the Spartans in Greece through weak infants into the mountains, and were an extremely hardy people, they produced extremely good warriors and prioritised ability. Allowing 300 to find many times their number. The Spartan 4s don't follow this, they weren't taught to fight as children, even ordinary cadets, children whose parents sent to military schools would have made more sense, if for example the top students at a young age could choose to join the Spartan program voluntarily.

Halo 4 was really fun I was really pissed with the changes mainly that machinima died, but still played the hell out of it, but for me I just don't find Halo 5 that fun. Hope 343i can fix the series or do it differently.

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