Name: Jake Bermudez

  • Callsign: "Shadow"
Service #: S-B318
Rank: Lieutenant
Unit: UNSC Fireteam Crimson
Primary Military Specialization
  • Target Acquisition
  • Assassination
  • Counterinsurgency
Enlistment Date: c. 2537
Location: UNSC Infinity
Gender: Male
Birthplace: [Classified]
Birth Date: [Classified]


Because his file is heavily redacted by the Office of Naval Intelligence, much of this Spartan's early history is unknown.

Jake Bermudez, otherwise known as SPARTAN-B318, is one of the 418 candidates claimed in 2537 by ONI’s Beta-5 Division for training in the SPARTAN-III program, and proved to be one of Beta Company’s most effective Spartan-III assets; his achievements in OPERATION: CARTWHEEL were noted by both Lieutenant Kurt Ambrose and Senior Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez as, “instinctive and smooth.” He was pulled from Beta Company shortly after CARTWHEEL, as he outshone his teammates —something common among SPARTAN-IIIs, and assigned to a separate Special Forces Unit: the Headhunters.

Eventually pulled from the Headhunters, Jake was repurposed as a counter-terrorist operator for the Office of Naval Intelligence. In July of 2552, he was transferred to Special Warfare Group THREE and participated in the Fall of Reach. During the Seige of New Alexandria, his Spartan team backed an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper fireteam — Anvil One — with civilian evacuations, where he was reunited with his younger brother. When Reach fell to the Covenant, Jake was the sole survivor of his Spartan team and officially listed as Missing in Action by his superiors. He then escaped the planet with Anvil One.

For the duration of the Human-Covenant War, Jake continued to operate with Anvil One whilst under the operational command of ONI Operative "Delta," who was under the direct supervision of ONI themselves. After the war, he was given the opportunity to join the newly formed Spartan Operations, training future SPARTAN-IV Headhunters and later led numerous Spartan Fireteams prior to being assigned to lead Fireteam Crimson in December of 2557, which was now comprised of previous members belonging to Anvil One.

  • Sgt. A. Bermudez [Brother, Active]
Spartan's Choice of Equipment:
  • SPARTAN-IV HEADHUNTERS [c. 2554] — War Master-class MJOLNIR Armor.
  • UNSPECIFIED SPARTAN FIRETEAM [c. 2557] – Wetwork-class MJOLNIR Armor. Later field tested Oceanic-class MJOLNIR Armor in the Recovery of Terceira.
  • FIRETEAM CRIMSON [FEB 2558] — Rogue-class MJOLNIR Armor. Following capture by Covenant forces, he switched to Air Assault-class MJOLNIR Armor.
After the Requiem Campaign, Jake began testing out numerous GEN-2 MJOLNIR Armor variants, such as Watershed's Hunter Armor and Mark VII prototypes [Decimator]. Today, he continues to sport the Decimator Helmet and frequently changes his armor suit to what may best fit his team's current assignment. These include but are not limited to Air Assault, Centurion, Vigilant, and Intruder MJOLNIR Armor.

Spartan B-318's Weaponry:

  • BR55 Service Rifle.
  • M6H2 "Gunfighter" Magnum variant.
Previous engagements:

  • Numerous Headhunter and Counterinsurgency Missions
  • Fall of Reach
    - Siege of New Alexandria
  • Battle of Earth
    - Battle of New Mombasa
  • Postwar Resurgence
    - Elimination of key United Rebel Front leaders on Talitsa
    - Recovery of Terceira
  • Second Battle of Requiem
  • Joint Operations with Allied Sangheili Forces
    - Target Acquisition in Ethiopia

Spartan Company

UNSC Fireteam Crimson

UNSC Fireteam Crimson

Walk tall, Spartans.


10 Members

Est. 3/24/2016

Company Lore and Backstory

Fireteam Crimson is an elite team of Spartan super soldiers led by “B-318” – a former Spartan-III Beta Company member. They were assigned to the UNSC Infinity during the Requiem Campaign of February 2558, with four Spartans operating in ground based missions. They are effectively one of the best Spartan Fireteams on the Infinity, and continues to grow as a team ever since Requiem. As of March of 2558, Fireteam Crimson continue to operate in top-secret missions, such as participating in joint operations with Sword of Sangheilios strike teams against Jul ’Mdama’s Covenant.

In May of 2558, the team of Spartans began to participate in numerous counterinsurgency operations across United Earth Government Space. Their most recent assignment was the retrieval of an unnamed Spartan VIP and ONI personnel from the custody of Insurrectionists in Ethiopia. Because of the classified nature of this mission, Fireteam Crimson were backed by a Spec Ops Sangheili team led by Savra Refumee. The mission was a success without any friendly casualties.

Fireteam Crimson is currently onboard the UNSC Infinity.

Fireteam Crimson Dossier
                        • Spartan - B318 – Fireteam Leader and former Spartan-III Headhunter, Jake Bermudez is known to be a "lone wolf" that was assigned to SPECWAR/Group Three during the Fall of Reach, where they assisted Anvil One with civilian evacuations in New Alexandria. A jack of all trades, Jake prefers an aggressive yet tactical approach to his engagements.
                        • Spartan - H022: Hawk – Crimson’s Second in Command and former ODST Captain of Anvil One, Hawk fought against the Covenant for nearly two decades with longtime friend Wallace. He was involved in OPERATION: FIRESIDE prior to Reach, and led a squad backed by Spartans throughout the Human-Covenant War. Prefers Close-Quarters with customized SMG.
                      • Spartan J. Wallace – Longtime friend of Hawk, Spartan Wallace enlisted into the UNSC Marine Corps shortly after the Harvest Campaign and soon after scouted for the ODST program by Hawk. He participated in FIRESIDE with Hawk and a unit of the 105th Shock Trooper Division, eventually participating in the Fall of Reach. Tactically proficient, but prefers unorthodox methods to complete his mission.
                    • Spartan A. Bermudez – The younger brother of Spartan-B318, Bermudez graduated top of his class as a Helljumper two months prior to the Fall of Reach, where he was assigned to Anvil One, an ODST fire team under Hawk's command. The youngest member of the team, he is a designated marksman and specializes in Vehicular Warfare.
Dossier Note: Because of the recent additions to the Company, we are unable to provide the backgrounds of our newest members due to "character limitation." We have established a thread within our Company's private forums that will allow members to fully construct their own Spartans' character and backstories.

Newest Additions:
About the Spartan Company

UNSC Fireteam Crimson is a lore friendly Spartan Company comprised of players of any skill level, whether they play competitively or casually, and are looking to have a good time regardless of how badly the match may go. Members are free to choose their own color schemes, emblems and armor combinations they desire – as uniforms are nonexistent within the group. In regards of rank, “Spartans don’t have rank because Spartan is your rank.” – Musa-096.

Company Status
  • Temporarily Inactive as of June 16, 2017.

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