Survived the glassing of his Home Planet, Eridinus-II, and the annihilation of almost his entire bloodline, and swore revenge on all those against the UNSC. After a decade in the ODSTs, he and his brother applied to be augmented into a Spartan IV's shortly after the destruction of Requiem.


Serial Number: Spartan IV-175
Codename: Shadow Castor
Height: 7,7
Planet of Origin: Eridinus II
Spartan Company: UNSC Callisto
Primary weapon: Augmented M-739 (Appetite for Destruction)
Secondary weapon: Recon SMG (Targeting Laser)
Specialty Weapon: ONI Chaingun Turret
Primary Vehicle: ONI Mantis
Previous Branch: ODST-Marine
Current Branch: Spartan IV-N/A

Spartan Company

The Questafarians

The Questafarians

Live with Glory Die with Honor


2 Members

Est. 6/3/2020

BACKGROUND: These Spartans have been tasked with Recovering Artifacts from the UNSC, Prometheans, and Covenant factions; But More importantly, Tasked with Driving the Resistance against Cortana's Created, The Prometheans, and the Storm Cult.

RULES: This is a chill military simulator, so despite following certain strict rules, no intense Military protocols will be enforced. However, any comments or actions pertaining to Racism, sexism, or otherwise controversial behavior and/or disturbances will not be tolerated. AFC behavior must have an important reason behind it and must be informed to the closest higher-up; extended absentries without notification will be considered, "AWOL,” and will result in the same penalties.

PENALTIES:(Will be based on both consistency and/or impact)
  1. PENALTY 1: Warning
  2. PENALTY 2: Extended Suspension
  3. PENALTY 3: Discharge
MISSIONS: As said above, our objectives revolve around holding the line against Cortana's Created, The Prometheans, and Jul M'Dama"s Storm, along with recovering artifacts of past warfare from the UNSC, Covenant, and Prometheans.
  • RESISTANCE: The missions against The Created, Prometheans, and Storm soldiers will be tasked throughout the Galaxy, They're highest objective to claim what is our and enslave us, so when an attack is relayed to us, you will be debriefed of the attack, and we shall move in to drive them back. (WARZONE FIREFIGHT)
  • ARTIFACTS: We're not the only ones looking for these relics of the past, so we have limited windows. As soon as our informant relays us a location, we'll have a limited time to get there, find it, and get out. (TIMED CUSTOM GAMES) After acquisition, they'll be stored in Castor-175's personal vault.
TRAINING: We have constant access to a smaller version of the War Games simulator found on the UNSC Infinity, so our training will consist of Spartan-V-Spartan missions. Round victories will grant praise, but nothing more. However, Medal unlocks or Kill leaders will have a high chance of gaining promotions.

FIRETEAMS: Fireteams will consist of 4 Spartans of a certain skill, one from each class. 2 will be called for Missions and 1 will be called for Artifact Retrieval. Leaders will be chosen by The Company head and will report to Company Head.

Fireteam Phoenix
  • Scout:
  • Heavy: ShadowCastor175
  • Sniper:
  • Demo:
CLASSES: Each Class member will be given a weapon of their choice based on skill and/or preference, along with a power-up and will be required to wear an associated secondary color. (Covenant/Promethean weapons are included if anyone is interested in them)

  • Weapons: Assault Rifle/Battle Rifle/Shotgun/Magnum
  • Power-ups: Speed Boost
  • Color: Lapis
HEAVIES: ShadowCastor175
  • Weapons: Minigun/SAW/SMG
  • Power-ups: Overshield
  • Color: Brick
  • Weapons: Sniper Rifle/DMR/CE Magnum
  • Power-ups: Active Camo
  • Color: Pickle
  • Weapons: Rocket Launcher/Hydra launcher/Spartan Laser/Railgun/Grenade Launcher
  • Power-ups: Damage Boost
  • Color: Sulfur
ALLIES: Along the way, we'll come across other Spartan Companies who share our views and/or objectives.
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