Survived the glassing of his Home Planet, Eridinus-II, and the annihilation of almost his entire bloodline, and swore revenge on all those against the UNSC. After a decade in the ODSTs, he and his brother applied to be augmented into a Spartan IV's shortly after the destruction of Requiem.


Serial Number: Spartan IV-175
Codename: Shadow Castor
Height: 7,7
Planet of Origin: Eridinus II
Spartan Company: UNSC Callisto
Primary weapon: Augmented M-739 (Appetite for Destruction)
Secondary weapon: Recon SMG (Targeting Laser)
Specialty Weapon: ONI Chaingun Turret
Primary Vehicle: ONI Mantis
Previous Branch: ODST-Marine
Current Branch: Spartan IV-N/A

Spartan Company

UNSC Callisto

UNSC Callisto

Quality over quantity

32 Members

Est. 6/19/2016

Please read Company BIO Before requesting to join.

Welcome to the UNSC Callisto.

This is a UNSC based clan. Created for those who wish to be active, train, and cooperate.
If we have 100 members, send a request anyway. We'll switch you out for an inactive.
This Group Was formally TSA The Spartan Army and had for a short time changed to TSA Operations

>Any person joining the Callisto must have:
>- A functional Microphone for communication, after enlistment if your mic breaks we can discuss how to handle the specific situation.
>- A willingness to wear both assigned emblems and uniforms.
>- An ability to be serious in a competitive environment.
>- A willingness to learn and better your overall skill ingame.
>- A willingness to join our Discord for updates and conversation outside of xbox.

To be accepted: First you must reach out to us on xbox after you have submitted your request to join, Either myself (AlphaKodi), Battlefield or Alex can be of assistance to help you.

Any questions regarding operations, alliances or offers to the group must be brought directly to AlphaKodi for assessment.

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