Survived the glassing of his Home Planet, Eridinus II, and was abducted for the Spartan-II program along-side his friend Jorge, and after hearing of his death over the planet of Reach, he volunteered to be the first Spartan-II modified into a Spartan IV shortly after the destruction of Requiem.


Serial Number: Spartan IV-175
Codename: Shadow Castor
Height: 7,7
Planet of Origin: Eridinus II
Spartan Company: The Silent Blade (1)
Primary weapon: BR-55
Secondary weapon: M6-H2(Tactical)
Specialty Weapon: ONI Chaingun Turret
Primary Vehicle: ONI Wasp
Previous Branch: ODST-Marine
Current Branch: Spartan IV-N/A

Spartan Company

The Silent Blade 1

The Silent Blade 1

Stick together to survive


18 Members

Est. 1/30/2018

Summary: We are a clan who is willing to do whatever it takes to stay strong and to stay active. We offer everyone who joins a chance to show the leader if they are worthy of joining. If you betray us, you will be removed immediately.

Rules: Do as the Leader says and the leaders high ranking officers. Too much disrespect or harrassment towards others will result in one of these punishments based on consistency of these insubordinations.
-Strike 1
-Strike 2
-Strike 3
Follow these rules, and Welcome to The Silent Blade!

Recruitment: Recruitment will happen ONLY happen when the Clan Leader or the other high ranking officers are online.

Training and Missions: PvP games like Social Arena, Ranked Arena, and Raids will count as missions and is the way to get promoted. PvE games like Practice Raids and custom games will count as training and is NOT the way to get promoted. No mid-mission absences will be allowed unless unavoidable or will be treated to one of the previously mentioned punishments.

Fireteams: Each fireteam will be led by a specific Individual handpicked by the leader. Each fireteam leader will be leading there own squad and fireteam leaders must report to the leader if there are any problems. Each fireteam will have their own name chosen by the fireteam leader.

Fireteam Thunder:
Leader: LoweredVermin12
Members: SwiftPond454246/OvalTexas42

Fireteam Serpent:
Leader: ShadowxHun7er
Members: Red JakitDragun/Gold hunter3110TheFatTrout88

Fireteam Phantom:
Leader: ShadowXD0117
Members: gunnerjm125/MachineGnu88722/Madradgamer456

RANKS: If you were 1st on command of a clan, you will be brought to Sergeant Major. If you were 2nd in command of a clan, you will be brought to Sergeant.

Cadet: UnsafestOrb2261/Gold hunter3110/TrickedPenny765
Private: THE TIER 117/sharkmouth3234/two carboie/chubbypuppy33/Gisea
Private First Class: DHHALOGAMER25
Lance Corporal:
Staff Sergeant: TheFatTrout88
Gunnery Sergeant:
Master Sergeant:
Sergeant Major: Red JakitDragun/Ian west 05/AHerobrineA
Warrant Officer 1:
Chief Warrant Officer 2: SwiftPond454246/OvalTexas42
Chief Warrant Officer 3:
Second Lieutenant:
First Lieutenant:
Lieutenant Commander:
Lieutenant Colonel:
Lieutenant General:
Leader: MoneyMaker2116

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