Shake is Syko.

I'm an equal parts casual and competitive Halo gamer; Swat and Grifball being my ultimate favorites. Swat skills just ain't what they used to be in my Reach days, but look out on the Grifball field; Mama knows how to swing that hammer. I have the greatest detestation for campers and egotistical players that can't check their attitudes at the door. I'm here to have fun with my friends and maybe get a couple sprees while I'm at it. I'd rather lose a game than stoop to camping for my kills- DON'T ask me.

Mic rula, old schoola out!!

Spartan Company

We Need Achi21es

We Need Achi21es

Death walks among you...

59 Members

Est. 3/15/2016

"You see, old friend? I brought more soldiers than you did!"

As with respect, the Achilles set is earned, NOT given.

>> ATTENTION!!! 21st HAVE THE HELMET, YOU WILL NOT GET IT NOW IF YOU JOIN! Please only apply if you want to join & be a part of our community! <<
>> If you still need Achilles, please join our sister companies;
- AG Achilles (if you need the armour join our new company)
- the 13th
- the 19th
- the 20th
Apply within <<

Achilles Armour/armor: Attained 19th May '16, Congratulations 21st!
Achilles Helmet: Attained 18th August '16, Congratulations 21st Company! HA-OOH!!


We are the Alpha & the Omega. The end is nigh!
Apocalypse Gaming is coming...

>>> You can find our Discord server to Apocalypse Gaming here! <<<

*As companies unlock Achilles, we provide a platform after the hard work is done. It need not end there. Catering to anyone & everyone, from casual to competitive, whatever your game, campaign, coop or multiplayer - squad build & network in a fast growing community as we offer a wide variety of games to team up on. Whether you're on Xbox One, PS4, PC or Nintendo you have a home here.

Please note: AG tags are NOT mandatory, they are personal choice for those who feel invested & dedicated to what we're building. No doubt you'll feel part of the team either way!

Our veins flow with the blood of Achilles. Our hearts beat at the sound of Achilles. Our life, our liberation.


Applicants and recruits of the 21st please take note of the following:

    • Now that we have the full set, we are opening the doors & catering to a wide variety of gamers.
    • Please download the Discord app and/or visit the Discord website on joining; stay connected, communicate with the community, join the discussion & find a team!
    • Achieve a Spartan Rank (SR) of 20. We no longer need the high standards we once had but having a minimal SR shows you're not a time waster. Please know the game & you will be more than likely invited back to a team if you can hold your own. If you're new however we can make exceptions.
    • Communication is key; have a form or means of communicating with your fellow Spartans i.e. headset, PC/laptop mic through Xbox App.
    • Respect other members in the 21st and the wider community. Those found griefing, flaming & trolling will be fast tracked out the door.
    • We're not an RPG or niche "clan" or company.
    • We're not a "clan", we don't scrim.
    • Keep your ego in check, there's no room for big heads here (we can't accommodate the size of it), that's how it's done GFM ;) <
    • We already have the first unlock, if you still need the armour/armor you will NOT get it when you join.
Join our fast growing gaming community and be part of the team! HA-OOH!!


LISTEN UP! To attain Achilles you must be with a Spartan Company when they EARN it, when the unlock is rewarded. Please stop asking "where's my Achilles?".

Have some dignity & honour, put in the effort to earn the reward instead of looking to mooch & piggy back. As stated above, you will NOT earn Achilles if you join us now since we have already attained the full set. We won't be disbanding as we are a community, providing a service & platform for those who want to team up with Halo players. We also cater for a wide variety of other games so everyone is welcome to join us, you need only ask.

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