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"I am not a thing! My name is Lenard Church and you will fear my laser face!"

Simons- "Suck it blue." Griff- "Yeah suck it blue."

Tucker- "I've got a hardline Tex can use... Bow chicka bow wow"

Church- "I can't believe I actually died for this war."

Donut- "My armors not pink, its uh lightish red yeah, lightish red."
Grif- "Guess what? They already have a color for lightish-red. You know what it's called? Pink!"

Spartan Company

Red vs Blue Universe

Red vs Blue Universe

Ever wonder why we're here?

86 Members

Est. 10/19/2015

We are an extremely passionate group of Halo and Red vs. Blue fans, who have made this group to give fellow players with a similar love for Rooster Teeth, and an awesome talent at role playing, a hub to go to. We are NOT in any way endorsed, or sponsored by RoosterTeeth, however we have high hopes that one day they'll eventually notice us! In case you are a fan and haven't caught up with any of the RoosterTeeth life lately, all links will be placed on this Spartan Company page. We are currently opened up for enlistment, and are taking any and all members that we can. If you would like to be assigned to a character, message Caboose or Wyoming, and we will have you set up for screening as soon as possible!

Satirical Rules:
1. Don't kill the leader.
2. Don't give Caboose a tank.
3. Don't call my girlfriend a cow.
4. Don't sell the flag to anyone.

Serious Rules:
1. Don't attack or harass other players based on their skill in the game, as our number one priority is fun.
2. Don't lash out at other random players playing the game with you, yes, that person may be a real pain, but is it worth yelling at them?
3. Original Characters are allowed on the condition that their back story / existence doesn't alter any of the original canon (I.E Agent Blast was in Blood Gulch).
4. Do not harass someone based on their beliefs, gender, sexuality, or opinion. Don't tear the family apart.
5. If you want in, be in, don't just sit in the Company like a loner. Ask for a screening and start making friends.

All active characters are listed below:

Project Freelancer:

          • Texas (Tex the Great)
          • Wyoming (Wyoming OP owo)
          • York (Yorkie Smalls)
          • Wash (Coubalt)
          • Florida (Psalms of Balam)
          • Connecticut (II BooBerry II)
          • Nevada [Original Character] (I am A Nevada)
        • Agent Idaho (G8megeek900)
          • Carolina (Squishy uwu)

Artificial Intelligence:

          • Epsilon (I Am EpsiIon)

Red Team:

          • Sarge (I Am Col Sarge)
          • Grif (Big fella Grif)
          • Simmons (ResonantKiller4)
        • Lopez (Yo Soy Lopez)

Blue Team:

          • Church (Fox Is My Main)
          • Tucker (l Am L Tucker)
          • Caboose (Caboose is Home)


          • Doc (l Am Doc)

New Republic:

          • Antoine Bitters (BIGxPapi01)
          • John Elizabeth Andersmith (l am Andersmith)
          • Charles Palomo (Veetroh)

  • Issac 'Felix' Gates (Kien Blade)

Federal Army:

          • Dr. Emily Grey (I Am Dr Grey)

Pending Character Slots:

          • Donut
          • Sister
          • Junior
          • Vanessa Kimball
          • General Donald Doyle
        • Sam 'Locus' Ortez
          • Spencer Porkinsenson
        • Temple
        • Bif
      • Gene
      • Surge
      • Lorenzo
      • Cronut
      • Buckey
      • Loco
          • Lopez Dos.0
          • Agent South
          • Agent Maine/ The Meta
          • Agent Georgia
    • Agent Iowa
          • Agent Ohio
        • Agent Arizona (S15)
      • Agent Maryland (S15)
        • Agent illinois (S15)
      • Agent Alaska (S15)
          • Mason 'Siris' Wu
          • Vic
          • Vic Jr.
          • Andy
          • Eta
          • Iota
        • Delta
          • Sheila
          • Theta
          • Sigma
          • Gamma
          • Omega
          • Freckles
          • F.I.L.S.S
          • Santa (A.I)
          • Malcolm Hargrove
          • Shark Face
          • Aiden Price
          • Insurrectionist Leader
          • Demo Man
          • "Girlie"
          • Chain Guy
          • Chain Girl
          • Katie Jensen
          • Matthews
          • The Director
          • Major Santos
          • Private Sue
          • Private Peake
          • Captain Morgan
          • Lieutenant Drag
          • Cherry
          • Colonel Turf
          • Dylan Andrews
          • Carlos Trabka
          • Jax Jones
Pending Minor Characters:

          • Pilot "Four-Seven-Niner"
          • Recovery Six
          • Recovery Nine
          • "Tank Guy"
          • Cyclops
          • Yellow Church (We teleport you to Sidewinder...permanently.)
          • Special Officer Lemons
          • Johnson McGruff
          • Hank Daggerknife
          • Corporal Buckshot
          • Candidate #1 for Blue Team ("Great Listener")
          • Candidate #2 for Blue Team ("Likes Reading")
          • Hammer
          • Ruben Lozano (Gabriel isn't listed since he...well he's useless.)
          • McGreevy
          • Faunyus
          • Frank (Can't take the heat)
          • James Adler


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