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My entry to Halo began in around 2004 playing Halo CE at home on PC. At the time, my parents didn't allow me to play online so I was forced to play 1v1s with my brother... who would turn the water works on the moment I even drained his shields. I'd be lucky to get a kill in before he'd ball his eyes out and my father would shout and scream for us to play offline on the same team........ hmm.

Fast forward a few years, and I finally got my hands on Halo 2 for Windows Vista. At this time, my father refused to install Vista on our PC so I had to use all sorts of tricks to get it to run on Windows XP. I managed to get the game to run but it wouldn't install, so I found a way to trick the game into trying to load levels 1 and 2 but instead loading levels 3 and 4, then 5 and 6, then 7 and 8... until about halfway through the campaign when my tricks stopped working and I had to abandon the game.

I eventually got an Xbox 360 and got to enjoy Halos 3, ODST and 4. I never got my hands on Reach unfortunately, despite it being the most fun one. That changed a couple years ago when my friend got the MCC on xbox one and we played that together, earning all the campaign achievements save for LASO (he was too scared to try it, pfft).

I'm looking forward to MCC hitting PC. I've been waiting for the ultimate Halo challenge to come along, one where I can dedicate time to completing campaigns in the LASO format, and you can bet your -Yoink- I'll be doing it. I've been denied a proper halo experience my entire life, and I'll be damned if I'll miss this opportunity.

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