Have a problem? Use explosives. If that doesn’t work, use more explosives.

Spartan Company

Impure official

Impure official

If it ain’t lethal, make it so

4 Members

Est. 1/23/2020

Leader of Red Sector: Whispered7
(Red Division, Maroon Sub-Division, Orange Sub-Division, Magenta Sub-Division)

Leader of Blue Sector: That1Guy272
(Blue Division, Light Blue Sub-Division, Cyan Sub-Division, Green Sub-Division)

Leader of Yellow Sector: Shipmaster5803
(Yellow Division, Dark Yellow Sub-Division, Tan Sub-Division, Brown Sub-Division)

Leader of Gray Sector: [No Candidate]
(Gray Division, Light Gray Sub-Division, White Sub-Division, Dark Gray Sub-Division)

Leaders of I.C.E.D (Impure Classified Experimental Division): Whispered7, That1Guy272
(Purple Division, Black Sub-Division)

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Feet First

Feet First

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