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White Team is a team of highly trained Spartan-IIs from the United Nations Space Command's branch of special forces. It consists of Marlo-138 and Apollo-027. Marlo and Apollo are both Spartan-IIs that were trained during the earliest stages of the Spartan program. Marlo was born in the sprawling Greater Chicago Industrial Zone near the Great Lakes of the Unified Republic of North America on May 9th of 2511. Apollo was born on Reach on October 12, 2511.

At the ages of 6, both Marlo and Apollo were taken from their families by Doctor Katherine Halsey in 2517. They and many other children were enlisted in the UNSC's Spartan-II program. On the day of their indoctrination, Marlo and Apollo had been sitting beside each other during Doctor Halsey's presentation. They instantly became friends. Over the years, they would become brothers. For many years Marlo and Apollo would go through vigorous training sessions conducted by Senior Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez. At the ages of 14 and 13, Marlo and Apollo both received their Spartan augmentations. Later that same year, both received their Mark IV armor. Marlo wore his CQB helmet, and Apollo, his pilot helmet. They'd even go on to be some of the first pilots of the Saber Program.

During the Battle of Reach, Marlo and Apollo were call signed "Echo Red." Marlo-138 and Apollo-027 were instructed to assist in evacuating civilians from the cities and escort them to space ports to get off-world. After the last civilian transport was away, Echo Red, like the rest of the Spartans, defended orbital defense generators. When the rest of the Spartan-II teams were overrun, Echo Red also fell back to Kastle Base.

Weeks after the fall of Reach and still on planet, Echo Red became "White Team" to coincide with their white and blue armor. The Spartans were instructed by ONI to find out what the Covenant was up to on Reach and why they wanted the planet so bad. Once enough information was gathered, ONI ordered White Team to hijack a Covenant ship and return it to UNSC space. Marlo and Apollo boarded a Covenant dropship and used it to get aboard a Covenant supercarrier, killing all aliens on the ship. After the ship was cleared out, Apollo being able to pilot anything, flew the carrier to UNSC space and linked up with a UNSC Fleet. The hijacked ship was stripped down by ONI for analysis. All records of this mission was considered highly classified. Information gathered from the ship was used to help give the UNSC the edge it desperately needed.

On October 20th, 2552, when the Covenant attacked Earth, White Team were on the orbital defense grid station "Perseus." They assisted in fending off the Covenant boarders attempting to bring a bomb on board. After the Covenant broke past the orbital defense grid, White Team was deployed to the surface of Earth to join the battle. Their mission was to evacuate civilians from New Mombasa. Being some of the only Spartan-IIs left, it was very important for Malo and Apollo to do what they were the best at: defending humanity. After the defeat of the Flood and the fall of the Covenant, on December 11th, 2552, White Team continued executing missions across the galaxy for ONI and the UNSC high command. They executed rebel leaders, Covenant loyalists, and any other threats against humanity.

Marlo and Apollo have been able to stay in top physical and mental health from carbon freezing. They exercise regularly and eat highly nutritious meals to keep their bodies healthy and ready for combat. Both Marlo and Apollo have since upgraded their armor and equipment to their liking. Both Spartans wear their Mjölnir Mark VI armor with their custom white and blue paint jobs. Marlo wears a CQB helmet and Apollo wears a pilot helmet. Both have worn these helmets since they first received their Mark IV armor, back in 2525.

Today, White Team are stationed on the UNSC Infinity, where they train Spartan IV's, execute Black Ops missions for Captain Lasky and the UNSC High Command.

Spartan Company

The 108th AAB

The 108th AAB

Screamin' Eagles


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Est. 12/20/2016

The 108th Air Assault Battalion is an elite battalion of air assault Spartans who specialize in VTOL deployments from Falcons, Pelicans, and Hornets. While all three of these vehicles are used by the 108th, the Falcon is the vehicle that is used the most. Especially when it comes to deployments in orbit of planets. As for boarding parties and low gravity deployments, the 108th Air Assault Battalion's Spartans rely on Pelican dropships for deployments.

The battalion is under the command of Marlo-138 and Apollo-027.

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