Halo fan since the beginning. Willing to help anyone if I'm on. Just send an invite. Will usually join after I finish whatever I'm currently doing. But won't wait more than about 5 min in a lobby waiting on a game. I don't use any other social media so don't ask for my Facebook info cause Facebook should be destroyed in my opinion.

Death comes for ALL...

Spartan Company

Kimchi Spartan

Kimchi Spartan

For Achilles!


77 Members

Est. 7/14/2017

PLEASE NOTE that we have acquired the body armor (as of 2/27) and are currently working on the helm. You can not receive Achilles armor from a company that has already unlocked it.

Our goal is simple. Just one thing in the world:
If you are interested in this armor please do not hesitate to join us. We will not wait for you.

- Play 5 hours of Halo 5 every week that goes toward Kill Commendations. (Arena and Warzone)
- If you will not meet your 5 hours, you must notify leadership via message on Halo Waypoint prior to your absence.

The Lieutenants are checking our members every week so if you don't follow the rules you WILL be discharged. Be cautious.

Chiwawadad: Leader.
Sir Deathsalot: 1st Lieutenant.
XCrimson AloneX: 2nd Lieutenant.
qToxic Beautyp : 3rd Lieutenant.
Castrocream117: 4th Lieutenant.
Carrera22: 5th Lieutenant.

A link to our Discord page can be found below. PLEASE USE YOUR GAMERTAG AS YOUR USER NAME ON DISCORD SO WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Thanks!

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