Halo fan since the beginning. Willing to help anyone if I'm on. Just send an invite. Will usually join after I finish whatever I'm currently doing. But won't wait more than about 5 min in a lobby waiting on a game. I don't use any other social media so don't ask for my Facebook info cause Facebook should be destroyed in my opinion.

Death comes for ALL...

Spartan Company

Deaths Spartan Reapers

Deaths Spartan Reapers

Round 2... FIGHT!


47 Members

Est. 8/27/2019

ABOUT US: We are made up of a lot of former members of Kimchi Spartan. We earned the Helmet on 08/27/2019 and now we are looking to do it again so that all our members have both the armor and helmet.

OUR MISSION: We are here to learn to work as a team with hopes of having a company for Halo Infinite. Some of our members also don't have the armor so its time for round 2.

  1. Be respectful. No one likes bullies or people who are being inappropriate. It WILL NOT be tolerated. You can and will be discharged and banned from the company.
  2. Follow chain-of-command once it is set up. Ranks and responsibilities will be posted of Discord along with duties.
  3. DISCORD IS A MUST! Failure to acquire discord within 24hrs of joining the company will result in being discharged.
  4. We just completed a lot of hard grinding so we are currently taking a break from having game requirements. So its a free for all. Play whatever, whenever, for however long. NOTE: This will eventually change but advanced notice will be given.
  5. Dont send a general request to join. It won't be accepted. Please describe yourself briefly so we get to know u a little. Rough age, are u in school, do u work, how many hrs/games a week can u usually do.
  6. YOUR NAME ON DISCORD MUST BE YOUR GAMERTAG. If we don't recognize your name on discord you could easily be discharged.
Top Leadership includes:
Sir Deathsalot - General of the company/Leader
XCrimson AloneX - Lieutenant General
Castrocream117 - Lieutenant General
CateredAsh563 - Lieutenant General

Other positions are:
Lieutenant Colonel - 6
Major - 6
Captain - 12
Sergeant - 24
Private - 48

Anyone with a Lieutenant in their name is a Lieutenant on waypoint.

Ranks are earned through gameplay and time in the company. Captain and up have roles in helping to lead the company.

A link to our discord server can be found below.

Questions should be sent to leadership. Preferably through Discord.

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