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Just a Halo 1 fan who is looking for some help with my Halo 1 guide.
I am currently writing the most comprehensive strategy guide for Halo: CE multiplayer that the internet may ever see, but I need help from the Halo community. I've compiled every strategy and trick that the web has to offer, but there may be hidden knowledge that is only in the brains of Halo players and not online.
I'll be launching my website ASAP, and then everyone can post updates for each nade trick or trick jump or whatever new can be added.

My Halo Timeline
Started playing Halo PC in 2008
Started playing Halo 3 ODST in 2010
Started playing Halo 4 in 2012
Started playing Halo 5 in 2016
Started playing MCC in 2018
Started writing content for Halo 1 Guide in 2019
Launches Halo 1 site Spring 2021?
Add me on Xbox Live: Slatchum

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We are a company all about making clips are sharing them with each other. Laid back and chill.

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