HALO REACH; XBOX 360: Brigadier Grade 1
CAMPAIGN SOLO/CO-OP: Legendary (under 3 hours)

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Remnant Team

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Est. 12/15/2019

REMNANT TEAM, or better known as the REMNANTS is a semi-constant lone wolf unit composed predominantly of Spartan-IIIs which later becomes under the command of the UNSC after the Fall of Reach, consisting of six members. The team was formed under the loss of Reach itself by the few Spartan survivors that remained there until their escape by the end of 2552.

Now currently remnant Spartans, the fireteam has been designated for certain objectives across the glassed planet. These objectives involve capturing flags, securing hills or even eliminating rogue spartan forces. But most importantly their objective is maintaining the infection which is spread in certain areas of Reach itself. This also forces some of the Remnant Team to departure from the Reach, finding the infected in certain areas and possibly other planets.

The known members of the Remnant Team are as followed:

SPARTAN-B101: Ty aka Slink
Description: Once a Headhunter, now Commander of the Remnants - Experienced killer of the Flood, relentless against the Infected.
Status of 2552: Confirmed alive by satellite scanners, seen leaving in a YSS-1000 Sabre from Anchor 9 soon after the Fall of Reach.

SPARTAN-A229: Caleb aka Cryptic
Description: Remnant's First Lieutenant and the fireteam's second-in-command. Claimed to be an Absolute Legend, good with tech.
Status of 2552: Confirmed alive by elite forces, hiding out in a hydroponic dam on one of the moons of Balaho.

SPARTAN-B052: Dekland aka Dekstoritys
Description: Dedicated, ruthless, strange. Now Special Force Commander - would be 2iC if his missions didn't take him off radar most of the time.
Status of 2552: Listed MIA in UNSC Records. Last seen t-bagging an elite's corpse somewhere near ONI Sword Base.

SPARTAN-018: Tom aka Tomharken
Description: Smart and tactical, Chief Warrant Officer, Tom-S000 - not to be confused with Thom-A293 - is the fireteam's tactician.
Status of 2552: Listed MIA in UNSC Records.

SPARTAN-075: Stephen aka Stecorbs
Description: Warrant Officer and Heavy Weapons Specialist and a heavy hitter. Full of heart, armed to the teeth. Makes hand-to-hand look like child play.
Status of 2552: Listed MIA in UNSC Records.

SPARTAN-A146: Garrett aka Nova
Description: Once a part of Beta Company, selected into Red Team for his intrepid attitude and core accuracy. Now serving as the Remnant's Special Operative.
Status of 2552: Listed MIA in UNSC Records.

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