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Spartan Company

The Chosen 575

The Chosen 575

Leave it to the chosen.

15 Members

Est. 10/21/2015

-welcome from The Chosen #575
Remember to check the forums for news and info!
IDENTITY'S identity is your Chosen number, one will either be assigned to you or you can pick one(1-574 as of now)
The Chosen #575/the chosen 575
The Chosen #498/Flash575
The Chosen #341/Boothy006
The Chosen #222/XxHBmicroBHxX
The Chosen #477/ODST0920
The Chosen #149/XxUnkn0w3rr0rxX
The Chosen #289/Cheymuz Mtz
The Chosen #435/Howlin Banshee9
The Chosen #376/Devon907
The Chosen #104/IcySpartan343
The Chosen #157/Andre LMay BR
The Chosen #095/Belly391
The Chosen #501/Bass Scientist9
The Chosen #440/SMOK69KMK
The Chosen #119/Glenw00d
The Chosen #234/DeusExBeez
The Chosen #127/AutzenDucks
The Chosen #393/Lil P Sizzle

RR’s or Rank Raids, are End of month Raids that are used to determine the best of us. It will be a team Versus with the attendees splitting in to two teams. Then we will proceed to fight in a slayer map.
We are currently looking for someone in the master Sergeant group to make a weekly newsletter stating things like contests and important info.

Ranking Raids place guide
Winning team
1st place
Promoted to master sergeant
2nd place
Promoted to sergeant 1st or one higher if a Sergeant 1st
3rd place
Promoted one higher
4th place
You can only place up to a master sergeant. All master sergeants are the only ones eligible for lieutenants. Former lieutenants when their month is over will become a Master sergeant upon demotion.
We have a small ranking system
Rank: Major 1st class: #575
Rank: Lieutenant 1st class: N/A
Rank: Lieutenant 2nd class:
Rank: Master sergeant: #498, #149, #341
Rank: Sergeant 1st degree: N/A
Rank: Sergeant 2nd degree: N/A
Rank: Recruit: #222, #477, #289, #467, #435, #376, #104, #157, #362, #095, #501, #440, #119, #193, #234, #127, #393, #411
you can rank up by participating and by promotion.
to rank you can; join raids, relay messages, do great in a raid, and use your # and our Emblem.

our official emblem is here PLEASE USE IT!
Attention all Chosen: because HALO 5 is special, instead of using the emblem. put in your IDENTITY number.
REMEMBER to look at the forums. because they hold a lot of information about our next raids and they are also there to chat.
We will do raids every Saturday at 5:30 US mountain time.

official rules of play
*any members who don’t go to a meeting at least once a month, will be banned.
*I will not tolerate company tea-bagging (except on infection). And should I see it (or a lieutenant), we will fire you.
*no severe cussing (i.e f--k, p---y, n----r, g-d---n) and the likes, although moderate to minor cuss-words (sh-t, H-ll, d-mn, cr-p) are allowed. if you like to use the severe cuss words, don’t use a mic.
*Lieutenants are chosen to help spread clan news and get our game times out there.
*lieutenants are not to change the background or emblem what-so ever! I I find out, which I can. You will be fired, no ifs, ands, or buts.
*Never vote for yourself to be lieutenant. I will find out.
*For any information that you can’t find, or any questions before or after you join the company message me, and I will get back to you within that day or the next.

so that is our lore....
my important website: love it now!
meh unimportant you tube channel:
we also have a War-frame Clan by the same name, so if you feel like it, join!

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