Spartan Name: CT-0945/Sniper
Copyright name (Cannon): Alvin Jason Talson

Race: Human clone/ Mandalorian
(Jango Fett original template)
Human (cannon)

Gender: Male

Homeworld: Kamino
Earth (Cannon)

DOB: N/A (A long time ago)
Not sure yet in cannon.

Age: 35 as of 2558 (I'll do the math for year later lol)

Bio: CT-0945 was a Clone Trooper of the Galactic Republic. A few months befor the fall of said Republic, CT-0945 was sent on a mission to stop a star cruiser from crashing into a civilian populated planet. He was successful, but had to make a jump into hyperspace in order to servive. The ship activated a carbonite freezing fail safe and CT-0945 frozen was sent into deep space for meny years until being discovered by oni reserch teams. He eventually opted to join in the spartan program after a great number of interrogations and his eventual release to the public.

Armor of choice: CQB "Reminds me of home." Although he has been known to wear Recon gen 1 helmet since the fall of reach.

Weapon of choice: Brute Plasma Rifle "It's not a blaster, but damn if it isn't good."

Personality: Nice, good with kids. Wants to get married one day and wants to have kids of his own.

(For copyrights sake, lets say he's a guy who looks like Temuera Morrison (The guy who played the clone troopers) and is from Earth) He fought on reach and decided to join the spartan 4's after his service.
Elite Name: Dar Zoroouk

Gender: Male

Religion: Formerly Covenant beliefs, now Catholic

Eye Color: Blue

Homeworld: High Charity

DOB: 2477

Bio: Born into the Covenant navy, Dar was an excellent third ranking pilot for the Covenant Empire. Dar always had an intrest in human philosophy, he and a befriended Unggoy known as Meko would spend many hours of their off time studying the great minds of Humanity, causing them to gain great respect towards them that eventually turned to sympathy. After the fall of reach, Dar and Meko decided to betray the Covenant and turn into holy Mercenaries fighting against the Covenant. This gaind the attention of Arbiter Thel 'Vadam, and per his request they joined the Swords of Sangheilos to fight along side humanity and the Sangheili.

Weapon of choice: M6D personal side arm "Ever since I found this weapon on Reach, it has become a favored of mine."

Personality: humble, honorable, and quotes the Arbiter often. Tends to get a little carried away in battle though, his grunt companion keeps him grounded in those times.

Spartan Company

Sangheili Rebellion 2

Sangheili Rebellion 2



72 Members

Est. 12/24/2015

Anyone who support the Sangheili cause can join, rather you prefer spartan or elite we don't mind. We just ask you support us. You can even invite friends if you want.

as we are nearing our limit please look to Sangheili Rebellion 1 or 3.

Please communicate with us in our company forum from time to time, it's nice to know if your still alive or not...


We are the storm and the lightning, we are the flame that keeps on burning, we are the wind flying through the air, we are the Sangheli and we will no longer be silenced.

This is the Sangheli Rebellion 2

Clan Tag: BBTE
Play day: every Friday

Current fleet master of Sangheili Rebellion 2: RuthlessSkate94 (if you have any questions feel free to contact our fleet master)
current ultras: sniper945 robcuz13 Arbiter Drakle9

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Sangheili Rebellion 3

Other Sangheili groups we should support:

Sangheili Separatist Legion
Halo Collective
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