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The Tale of the SpaceRanger

The Original Space Ranger ( SpaceRanger00 ):

Set in the 22nd century from his home planet Galaxia, a long time ago he and his people were forced from the planet Galaga, Space Ranger is really Rick Starr, a seemingly shiftless executive at his gruff, cigar-chomping father Thaddeus Starr's Allied Solar Enterprises. He took on the role of the superheroic interplanetary troubleshooter to battle space pirates, alien invaders, evil scientists and other futuristic threats both cosmic and criminal, hiding his true identity beneath a transparent blue helmet and operating out of a hidden asteroid base via his sleek super-swift scarlet spaceship the Solar King.
Possessing no powers other than his highly developed brain and brawn, the crew cut, yellow and red spacesuit-clad "Guardian of the Solar System" armed himself with a vast variety of super-scientific gadgets like the handy all-purpose multi-ray pistol he wore on his weapon belt.

SpaceRangers have a gametag designation of "SpaceRanger"+##nn and always use the inverse tag of nn+SR

SpaceRangers are dedicated to absolute domination over any and all adversaries and bringing them to justice in the Halo Universe.

The Armor History
Armor unlock - 10/22/2016
Helmet unlock - 4/23/2018

Purchase History:
Halo on: 01/??/2002 - Played- Campaign only
Halo 2 on: 11/09/2004 - - Played- Campaign only -Got the H2 Promo Watch
Halo 3 on: 09/25/2007- Played- Campaign only
Halo 3 ODST on: 09/22/2009- Played- Campaign only
Halo Reach on: 09/14/2010- Played- Campaign only
Halo 4 on: 11/06/2012 - Played- Campaign only
Halo-Master Chief Collection on: 11/11/2014 - Played- Campaign only
Halo 5 on: 10/27/2015 - Played- Campaign and Multiplayer
Started Gold Membership on 11/11/2015

SR History of SpaceRanger50 -- 17SR:
Date SR Level
12/28/2015 SR-39
12/28/2015 SR-40
1/2/2016 SR-50
6/12/2016 SR-129
7/28/2016 SR-145
9/17/2016 SR-147
12/3/2016 SR-148
3/26/2017 SR-149
8/13/2017 SR-150 (During a Double XP Weekend)
9/9/2018 SR 151
3/18/2020 SR 152 (During a Double XP Days)
10/4/2020 - Retired [after playing for many years and hours,
getting "The armor and helmet +SR 152 ranking.]-
I.E, waiting for Halo 6/Infinite
-Then I guess will start this all over again.

KnightRanger7 - 1/1/2018
SpaceRanger50 - 7/1/2017
Mantis1One - 1/8/2017
DARKMANTIS7 - 8/21/2016
Mercenary343 - 1/16/2016
S5A218DW1241YT2 - 12/28/2015
OmegaNight2020 - 12/26/2015

-FINALLY!!!! YES!!!!! SR 152!!! At Last!!!!
[Retired-- Sorry... still in utter shock that I actually accomplished this lofty goal!!! Still Savoring the final victory!!!]
--->Will play H5 on occasion in the future as purely a casual-player only. <---
Final Difference is: 14,987,171 (‭12,829‬ xp points) - 3/18/2020
Last Game to (SR-152) : 3/18-2020-WZ FF, made 21,232 xp. More than enough to cover the difference

Spartan Company

The Galaxian Rangers

The Galaxian Rangers

80's Retro Arcade games Rule


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Est. 6/7/2020

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If you've been in an Arcade room and played Space Invaders, PacMan, Robotron, or Defenders, then
you know what it means to be a Real Retro Gamer from the 80s'. Example.



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