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Well what can I say other than I'm a casual player who enjoys competition.I'm not that good at communication only because I don't have a Mic for it and also I play mostly at night so I got to keep it down for my roommates, but if you want a match just look me up and you can decide how good I am yourself but I won't lie I do have my off games to where I can't shoot a guy in front of me lol but best to luck to everyone out there that's how I am

Spartan Company

Death Company

Death Company

We reap what we sow.

61 Members

Est. 10/19/2015

*We are not actively recruiting at this time. Will be back in full force for Halo Infinite*

Death Company is a Halo 5 focused, fun NA based Spartan Company for Halo players who enjoy playing a relaxed casual game or getting into more competitive matches.

We play a variety of game types, whether it be in Warzone, Arena, Custom games or the Campaign.

If you are looking for someone to join your fireteam or party, in casual or competitive games, Death Company is perfect for you. We also have a Discord server for easy communication.
What You Need to Know:

1. Members should be actively playing Halo and/or posting on our forums/discord. If you will be inactive for an extended period please inform the leadership otherwise you will be kicked.

2. Members should check their Halo Waypoint Inbox frequently to remain up to date on company activities.

3. Members should respect the game. We have a zero tolerance policy for cheating, exploiting game mechanics, and/or farming for kills.

4. Death Company reserves the right to remove members from the company without notice, if the expectations above are not met.
Want to Join?
Send us a request with the information answering the following questions:

1. How old are you? Must be at least 18.
2. Do you have a mic?
3. How active are you on H5?
4. What playlists do you play?
5. Where are you from and what's your timezone? (Most of the company is NA so it could prove difficult to find people to play with if the time difference is too drastic)
6. Why do you want to join?

Players with referrals from current members will get priority over players we haven't played with before.

Please note that you will not receive the Achilles armour or helmet pieces if you join as we have already unlocked them.

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