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My name is Josh, founder of Master Chief Saviors. This is my road into becoming the best Spartan I can be! Check out my short clips in Youtube and dont forget to like and subscribe! :)

Spartan Company

Master Chief Saviors

Master Chief Saviors

Wake up Chief.. I need you...


67 Members

Est. 2/7/2016

**We have already earned both pieces of the Achilles set**

Hey Spartans,

Welcome to Master Chief Saviors! We are a group of highly active people that want to have fun and win some battles! This is our journey into becoming one of the best spartan companies out there. We prefer mature, highly active players with a positive attitude. We don't care about your K/D as long as you give your best and remember to respect each other. Send us a request and tell us why you should be a member! Join us in the battlefield Spartan!

Remember to:
      • Stay active in the company! By doing this you will maintain your spot with us.
      • Inactivity could result in you being booted.
      • Check your inbox in Halowaypoint for messages from me or from the Lieutenants. We like to plan game nights. If you prefer to go solo, that is also fine.
      • But the most important thing is that you enjoy yourself and have fun!
I really am looking forward to get to know you all and play side by side!

We have a secondary company by the name of Master Chief Saviors II.

"Edgiest Halo company ever! You'll never find a Halo company as edgy as this one." - Donald Trump 2017

See you guys out there! - Queen Bee Josh

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