Sniping semi-pro who's main objective in his video game career is achieving 110% in all Halo games. I have beaten every game on Legendary, and have all the MCC, HW2, and H5 achievements. I'm happy to accept help where it's needed.

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Legendary Achilles

Legendary Achilles

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Est. 4/23/2018

Welcome to Legendary Achilles! This company was made by former leadership of We Need Achil10s and the Eleven Seven. Both companies obtained the Achilles set, but felt the need to create a company for others to get the Achilles armor and helmet. Please read our whole profile to see if you're up to the challenge.

Armour Completed: 6/23/18 (You will NOT be able to obtain the armor in this company as it has already been achieved.)

Helmet: 88.24% complete (September 16 goal, likely before)

(1) You must join discord : Join our Discord server here

(2) MUST PLAY 7 HOURS WEEKLY MINIMUM in arena and warzone (no firefight or customs). We recommend having at least 5 hours of playtime in the past 7 days coming into the company because we discharge on a daily basis.

(3) Must meet the following kill commendations by September 16 or you will be discharged before the helmet unlock, no exceptions:
Grenade Kills - 500
Headshots - 2500
Melee Kills - 450
Spartan Charges - 75

AND complete 2/4 of the following:
Standard Issue Kills - 7,000
Kills with a Ground Vehicle - 800
Marines - 800
Reversals - 450

If you think you can handle it, put "I am up for the challenge and will join discord" in your request to join.

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