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Hello, I'm SuperSpartan312, but I'd rather people simply call me by my name, Manu (short of Manuel), and I live in Spain, but I know English and I only speak English over Xbox Live, and I'm 19 years old.
I'm a huge Halo fan, it's my favorite game franchise, and I've played all the Halo games since Halo: Combat Evolved to Halo 5 except for Spartan Assault, Spartan Strike and Halo Wars 2. I know some Halo lore, though I hadn't read any book of it yet. My favourite game is Halo: Reach. I like both Old Bungie and 343, and while I mostly prefer the Bungie games I like the 343 games quite a lot too. I'm also a big Red vs Blue fan who has seen all its seasons so far, and I'm part of a RvB Community that likes to do role plays and Customs.
My playstyle is about average, although I don't aim to improve it as I'm happy the way I am, but I hate things like cheap tactics, betrayals (unless by accident) and teabaggers. I'm a Dedicated yet Casual player: I don't aim to win, I think enjoying the game is what truly makes it good; Competition doesn't sit right with me at all, I very much dislike the competitive players who just aim to win and get better, and if they use cheap tactics to win even worse. Despite playing for fun I still keep honor as a priority and I try for everyone to enjoy the game.
I love Big Team Battles (mostly CTF) and PvE modes like Firefight, and Campaign, Coop with friends, not speedrunning, or LASO, I just play casually and following the story as intended. Only thing I love even more than that are some funny Custom Games with friends. My style relies on Close Quarters Combat and surprising my enemies (NOT Camping) and trying to outsmart my enemies. Even then I consider myself quite accurate with DMRs and BRs, but I'd take DMRs any day, and I'm a HUUUGE fan of the Brute Shot and I will keep asking for it every chance I get until they bring it back.
I admit I'm very picky when it comes to friends, as I keep a very small number of people on my friends list, as I don't like having to scroll through large ammounts of people to find the friend I'm looking for and I'm somewhat hard to socialize, although I keep my close friends in a very high value, those are: normanShockwave, universe34564, OBECEGRANNY64, I Am Wash, megastoneboy/xXFast ningazXx, Navy SealXwolf, Hyperis, dalespartan119, DOOMAGEDON117 and B1u3Mi5t 21. One important thing though: If we haven't at least talked please DO NOT add me as a friend, I hate being in the friends list of someone I don't know, and if I ask you to remove me please do it.
Asides from Halo I play only little variety of games, but 2 franchises that I really love asides from Halo are Gears of War (although mostly for PvE modes, I dislike PvP there due to the shotgun fest) and Resident Evil (preferring the more action-style games over the horror ones but I'm ok with both really), those aside there are just a couple random games here and there, but I stay away from games like Call of Duty, Destiny, Minecraft, GTA and sport games like NFL, NBA and FIFA, I particularly dislike those, some more than others, but if someone likes any of those don't take it personal, it's just my opinion.
Regarding that too, I'm very much a freethinker and a free spirit, so I don't take kindly to anyone who tells me what I should and shouldn't say or do, I believe in complete and absolute freedom of speech, and won't be kind either to anyone who tries to order me around or change my opinion, because I always speak my mind without fear, and if I do something it's out of my own will and nothing else.
I do not have any kind of social media, I only have Skype to chat with friends and YouTube (I don't have a channel, but I plan on having one in the future), so don't look me up anywhere else because you won't find me. Well, that's all I wanted to say, sorry if it was too long, but if you took your time to read, thanks for reading my bio! I'll see you either in Xbox Live or in the forums here on Waypoint!

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Warriors of Liberty

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Est. 5/26/2019

Hello, and Welcome to the Warriors of Liberty! I'm SuperSpartan312, known to friends and family as Manu, and I'm the leader of this Clan and this Spartan Company.

Yes, this Company is meant to be for a Clan. I established the Warriors of Liberty because I've been wandering around in Halo for a while, and I've come across many Clans of many kinds, the majority of which left me disappointed. I feel like most clans take things too seriously, posing it as jobs, actual military and stuff like that, and they have rules like demanding uniforms, required experience, regular activity, having hierarchies/ranks, following orders, and so on. None of these really suits me, and I've met people similar to me that look for clans or people who are in clans but deal with that stuff because they are unable to find better. Well, I reject those rules in favor of freedom and liberty of choice, and I'm offering people like them an alternative. Here, anyone is free to join regardless of age, skill or anything like that as long as they can keep things peaceful.

In the Warriors of Liberty you won't be forced to have a certain uniform, be on specific games or follow orders from people over Xbox. After all, we're all gamers, and as such, we all want to have fun. No one likes to be opressed by others or be treated as an inferior, especially when trying to play videogames. But many will agree with me that playing alone is pretty boring. Well, we got you covered. Here no one will force you to do anything you don't want to do, and being true to yourself and being open about your opinions is appreciated by others. What you do with your free time is your choice and not others'. All while getting to meet other people that are like you who wanna have fun too! That is the main objective of the Warriors of Liberty.

Now, even though I'm the leader, I don't want anyone to treat me (or others for that reason) as anything superior, for I am just like you: A regular person who just seeks to meet friends, share thoughts and have fun! The only real rule I ask of people is to treat each other respectfully and not be a jerk to others if you don't have a good reason to be, and even then, trying to sort stuff out with dialogue will be appreciated. Now, I know things aren't all "Sunshine and Rainbows" for everyone to always be nice, teasing and messing around is good but always beware of not crossing lines; the second someone stops having fun is the time to stop. Harassing or bullying others isn't cool and I won't treat bullies kindly either.

We actually have a ranking system for those who wish to level up in the Clan, but don't worry, because these are "Joke" ranks. They're not meant to be taken too seriously and people don't get any extra rights for ranking up. Even I start at Rank 1 to enjoy ranking up together! And the way to rank up is by beating challenges that will be coming out both in a weekly and monthly basis. These challenges will task you with all kinds of stuff you gotta do and by doing so (and proving it) you will get points, which is how you rank up. The challenges will appear in the Chat for our Xbox Club, which if you haven't joined already I highly recommend you do because important stuff will be posted there. Remember: Doing Challenges and Ranking up is NOT mandatory. They're there mostly to keep people with something to do if they're bored.

On a side note, we go across all mainline Halo games but the main focus currently is Halo 5. I don't demand regular activity from people since you may have more interest in doing other stuff and that's ok. However it would still be appreciated to engage in games with others and have fun in groups. After all we base our core strength in trust, friendship and teamwork over anyone's individual skill level, and it's through spending time together and getting to know each other how we achieve that.

Well, that's pretty much all. I hope you have a nice stay! Remember: Above all, be true to yourself and have fun!

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