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I got my Xbox for Christmas with Halo bundled with it, before I didn't care for shooters that much apart from the old WW2 themed Call of Duty and Medal of Honor games, but Halo changed everything. To this day there are only 3 Sci-Fi universes I really like because Sci-Fi tends to be really generic and nonsensical, those are: Star Wars, StarCraft and of course, Halo.

I stopped after Reach because then I had transitioned into PC gaming completely as Bungie was no longer involved in Halo, I had no reason to keep up with it and the only other console game at the time I had interest in was Gears of War 3 which came out later I believe.

I firmly believe that if the PC port of MCC is done excellently, a gaming renaissance can happen which changed the industry forever, for the better, which is what we seriously need right now.

Spartan 977 after a decade, is reporting for duty once again, finally.

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