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"When I pick up a sniper I noscope every scrublord in proximity
and I can do this constantly if the time is set to infinity.
But, I mostly use the DMR and the BR in slayer
and I'm the very model of a modern halo player."

"I shall light this holy ring... release its cleansing flame...and burn a path into the divine beyond."

I serve in the Crusading Spirit Fleet as Rtas 'Vadam.

Also known as Faber of Will and Might. Former Master Builder and current Architect of the Halo Archive.

The Halo Archive is a lore community founded by Mendicant Bias. It is a great place for people who want to discuss the Halo lore and much more. The Archive consists of 4 castes; Builders, Lifeworkers, Miners and the recently resurrected rate of Warrior Servants. Discuss the halo lore, assist on projects, find and catalog Halo info in the Archive and Catalog sections or debate Halo's iconic MP respectively! Use the chat thread or Off-Topic forums or rise up and you might join the Builder council at the Crystal core! A friendly and passionate community from all the edges of the world awaits you in the Archive installation. :D

The Archive awaits for you...Forerunner!

Spartan Company

Archive Official

Archive Official

The Archive Awaits

91 Members

Est. 10/19/2015

The first official Spartan Company of The Archive Installation.

The Archive Installation is a Lore based community founded on the principles of quality theorizing and discussion of the Halo Universe.

You can find us on Reddit & Discord too.

-The Archive Awaits

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