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We Need Achil10s

We Need Achil10s

'We put the 10 in Killionaire'

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Est. 4/20/2016

Note: If we are full, please direct your invites towards the open companies found below, thank you.

Alright! Welcome to the 10th We Need Achilles company, led by Aussie TalkverseGaming! We are a bunch of wonderfully talented people who lead in many areas of Halo's different activities! We've got forgers, we've got people serious about ranked arena, and people who play for fun! Our Lt's are Dragon 343i (WNA veteran), All iTiS (Ranked arena specialist), Dindo (Casual player) & Reeses Cups 11 (Company's best forger). We accept all people, but of course, like the other WNA, we are here to work hard, play together and work together for the ultimate goal of Achilles!

Our subreddit can be found here, you're more than welcome to join!
And our official discord server can be found here, so come check out our brother/sister companies as well as our own. Plus better communication with leadership

Some Information That Should Be Noted:

    • Please do not apply with the default message and try be thoughtful with why you want to join ;)
    • Try put a minimum of 5hrs a week into the grind, if you want achilles you have to prove it
    • Join our discord server (Above) For better communication with leadership
    • It is YOUR responsibility to msg leadership that you are away for a period of time, and will be kicked without warning after 10+ days if you haven't provided reasons for being away.
    • Show respect for each other as comrades, and try to form fireteams with each other.
    • Try to stay after we get the helmet, as a symbol of our hard work and team dedication

Current Progress:
Armour: Complete! 3/9/2016
Helmet: 53%

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