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I am a diehard fan of Halos 1, 2, 3, 3 ODST, Halo Wars and Reach (Halo Wars 2 is pretty good as well). I think that the Halo 4 story was fairly good, but the art style and multiplayer were definitely poor. Halo 5 had great potential but due to time constraints and Microsoft intervening, it was quite a bust (the multiplayer is ok though).

Red vs. Blue is great and my favorite characters from the series are Tex, Sarge, Carolina, Washington, and Caboose.

I gained the Helioskrill legitimately from beating Halo Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4 on Legendary on the MCC before the H5 update that put it in the Req pool for those of you who are possibly wondering how I obtained it (I also beat the original versions of all the Halos before and some after MCC).

Most people call me Dan or Tex (no Dan is not my real name, and Tex is just a nickname).

Spartan Company

Blood Gulch Bros

Blood Gulch Bros

Ever wonder why we're here?

67 Members

Est. 10/20/2015

  • We are a group of people from many different backgrounds who are united together to fight like the Blood Gulch Crew.
  • We have fought so much and are close to the helmet, but tbh this company has never been about cosmetics, its been about coming home from work, school, etc, kicking back and having a great time with friends and people alike.
  • So those of you who want to enjoy a diverse and creative community, who plays anything than just Halo, look no more and join Blood Gulch Bros to experience the enjoyment of this company.
  • Also our name is based on the show Red Vs Blue.
Blood Gulch Bros Page.
(Under Reconstruction)-Not sure when though.
Requirements to Enter
- Just be yourself with us. It sounds corny, but it's true no need for fakes or smurf accounts.
- Don't use the pre-written lines to enter such as "my reflexes are swift and my aim is sharp". Last thing anybody needs is for military clans from reach to return.

Code of Conduct:
- If you've got drama with other people please inform it with the leader or any of the lieutenants.
- Management is here to help you out if you've got some problems, but don't start that he/she said bs no need for a internet-based drama to spread.
- Farming sucks and we don't approve of that.
- Our company consist of adult members but please watch your profanity if there is a younger person in the chat.
-Also becauseof a past event members are not allowed to brag or callout other companies. If they fail to follow this code of conduct they will have to speak to the leader directly for disciplinary.
- Hang out with our company's members.
- Recommend us people to recruit.

Guys to talk to:
- BluePrefect2 = Leader of the company, strong silent type, accepts requests of new recruits, tactician & intelligence. "Agent Washingtub of the group"
- Rustyky = Former leader of company, likes to film people when not looking, youtuber, enjoys Arena mostly, weapon specialist & ranked arena player of the company. "Tucker of the group"
- Razz Pitazz = Best Support 76 Main NA, enjoys combination of grenades and love making, been there since the beginning(Halo:CE), youtuber, the guns of the company. "Tex of the group"
- S12 ASHIDO KANO = A death god, gives weekly updates, the skilled & competitive of the company. "Agent Carolina of the group"
- ArtisteMite68 = Dark places he waits shotgun in hand waiting for infected, the community manager for the company, zombie slayer. "Sarge of the group"
Everyone else is either Donut, Grif, Doc, Simmons, Lopez, Caboose, or Sister
RIP Church =<

Blood Gulch Leader
BluePrefect2 - Spartans remember Halo is what brought us where we are now.
The people below are spartans who either upload or stream their content. If you are a youtuber or twitch user and want to be added on the list tell me (BluePrefect2) or any other lieutenants and we will glady add you.

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