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Professional Scrubhunter
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Spartan Noire

Overall friendly... Mostly

Spartan Company

Spartan Noire

Spartan Noire

Strong. Swift. Bold


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Est. 10/22/2015

Clan mission: In one word: banter. We want to have fun with the community in a respectful way that's fun for all taking a focus more on the quality of our friends over the quality of our kills. That being said if you want to take your gaming experience to the next level we are happy to encourage you and challenge you along the way. Our time zone is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and we do occasionally sleep, but don't let that stop you from joining in! Please note game nights will be hosted at GMT times unless otherwise stated.We regret that we cannot accept members who do not use a microphone during play (the Xbox One comes supplied with one so it can't be that hard to use it) unless you are willing to use a Skype call to talk with us

Both genders are welcome here
Members who disrupt the experience of others through trash talking, over zealous behaviour or other means will be removed and we do not conform to idiotic americansims.
We do not require a name or spartan appearance change, your design is your own and we respect that

Please contact Tiberiusprox42 through Xbox Live regarding joining our clan

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