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I am a huge Halo fan since when I was three, and Halo still is my favorite game. Its the only reason I'm with Microsoft V.S. Sony. Without Halo, there's a lot of stuff I could not accomplished, I.E.: my book I have made. I haven't been able to play Halo that often because I recently just joined the Navy back in September of 2018. My birthday is December 22, and Im stationed in Japan, its awesome here! Anyway, you can probably tell Im pretty young due to the fact that Ive been a fan since I was 3, Im only 19 as of now. If you want more info, contact me via xboxlive: TL Axi.
If you want to check out some of my stories, message me @ or my Outlook @ Or, just go to my page on Thanks! :D
(TL Axi).

Spartan Description Page:
First: Axi
Middle: Urie
Last: Delfez
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Mass: 107.7 KiloGrams
Height: 1.981 Meters
BirthDate: December 22, 2540
BirthPlace: Tsunami, Willson; Tendrill
[State, City; Planet]
Spartan Tag: G-199
Cereal Number: ZL02965
Spartan class: SIII (NONCANNON).

Spartan Axi, G-199; SIII. As a young boy I was living on my home planet with my parents, when suddenly we were hit. With luck, it was one Covenant carrier. Almost simultaneously, the UNSC Macho had exited slipspace close by with orders for a top secret mission. His cover up story was that he was there to pick up men for his crew, and the Captain knew good men on the planet so he decided to go there. I can't tell you the real reason; unless you're authorized. ONI eyes only, sadly.
On sight, the newly placed orbital defenses; not even three months placement, had combined firepower with Macho to defeat the Covenant Cruiser. A single escape pod made it's way to my neighborhood, while twenty phantoms slipped their way behind the moon. The pod smashed in my house while I, a four year old unconscious kid, was hiding in a flower bed. I had blacked out when it destroyed my house; docs said that it was caused by a premature anxiety attack. By the time I had awoke, I was slung over something green and humanoid. There were others it kept calling ODST's; and they in return called it a Spartan. The team secured me and my best friend, Autumn. As they fought through the Covenant, another Spartan; Sniper-class, helped us. When we all met up, the UNSC forces with the Pilot of the evac bird gave their respects to a fallen hero, one of the ODST's. We then flew to Macho without further incident.
I hadn't realized it yet, but local police forces had evacuated everyone in the neighborhood- except my parents. They were dead. But I didn't learn that until many years later. Autumn's parents were still alive, but she made the choice to go with me. Together, we joined the Spartan III's ranks in the third generation. We were ready for a life time commitment.
As of now in 2558, I am marked as MIA. My team and I operate under cover for O.N.I. Of course, they had to mark us MIA because of Zeta Protocol Alpha-Tango oh-six-four-two. That's already more than you should know, so keep your mouth zipped.
Axi's report; UNSC eyes only//No outside sources. Treason can result in seven years imprisonment or more, dependent on the treason level. -ONI Official/Classified./
-SIII Axi-G199

(I only updated my age and my Navy career, everything else I created a few years ago).

Spartan Company



Winners train, Losers complain

97 Members

Est. 6/7/2019

Welcome to Sophisticate!

“A hero need not speak. For when he is gone, the world will speak for him.” ~ Master Chief

Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned. Be part of history and join our exclusive spartan company called “Sophisticate”. Representatives from “Sophisticate” are highly active in ranked arena. If you are interested & passionate about joining our spartan company or have any questions regarding “Sophisticate” please do not hesitate to send a message on Xbox Live to any of our elite leaders in the Sophisticate Corporate Hierarchy which is listed below.

~ Sophisticate Corporate Hierarchy ~
Power of WarGod ~ Chief Executive Officer
nMASERATI ~ Chief Human Resource Officer
wazi3 ~ Chief Staff Officer
XX ZERG XX ~ Chief Technology Officer
MagnumFire1324 ~ Chief Resource Officer
Oh my Yoda ~ Chief Instruction Officer
~ Chief Visionary Officer
thatjzdhappend ~ Chief Information Officer
xAbjectx ~ Chief Networking Officer
GAM3RTAGZ 18 ~ Chief Customs Officer
LinesOfHope ~ Chief Operations Officer
~ Chief Marketing Officer
xRAPTUR3x777 ~ Chief Financial Officer
BROLY SLAYSX ~ Chief Training Officer
oOoABSOLUT3oOo ~ Chief Institution Officer

~ Standard Operating Procedure & Policies ~
1. Be respectful to all representatives of the Sophisticate community;
♣ This is the number one requirement to join our exclusive spartan company.
♣ Be professional as the moderators have a careful screening process before accepting individuals into our spartan company.
♣ Please join our Sophisticate Discord Network if you are in our Spartan Company. Click on the following link. Sophisticate Discord Network

2. Add your own personal touch when sending our exclusive company a request to join;
If you put in the default message when you try to join Sophisticate you will be rejected.
♣ Please share with us what separates you from others.
♣ Give us a reason why your name should be rostered in our exclusive spartan company.
♣ Show care and concern and let us know something unique about your play style.

3. Be strongly active in Arena, Social, or Warzone on a week to week basis & have fun playing Halo 5 Guardians;
♣ This requirement can be broken down by playing on weekends or playing when you have free time.
♣ The abbreviation for T.E.A.M. is Together Everyone Achieves More. You will not be alone if you utilize the “Sophisticate” tab to see who is online and send them an invite to play. We all support each other.
♣ If you are going to be offline for more than a week, please message one of the elite leaders in the Sophisticate Corporate Hierarchy regarding when and why. Failure to be active will result in immediate discharge from the spartan company.

Failure to follow Sophisticate polices and procedures will result in immediate removal and blacklist from the company.

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