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Spartan Sam

After serving in various missions in the UNSC Army during the covenant war, Sam was conscripted into the SPARTAN-IV Program two years after the human covenant war had ended. Later on after conducting enough solo missions, Spartan Sam would become the leader of Fireteam Svalinn. He would lead his team into dangerous missions that were offered to him by the UNSC.

Spartan Company

Fireteam Svalinn

Fireteam Svalinn

To slake one's thirst.


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Est. 10/12/2017

Welcome to Fireteam Svalinn.

A UNSC spartan fireteam conducting operations through out the galaxy. I am Spartan Sam, the leader of Svalinn. Just note that this page will be updated over time every now and then showing what operations we will be conducting in the future and what threats we as a team must face.

Svalinn Meaning.

"Svalinn is his name,
he stands a shield before the sun,
the shining deity.
I know that the hills and
the sea would burn,
if it were to fallfrom its place."

Svalinn is a norse term which means cold or chill. In norse mythology there was a sheild named Svalinn that would protect people from the burning sun. And that is what we are here to do, protect the people.


Name: Spartan Sam
Role: Team Leader
Bio: After conducting various missions in the army, Sam was conscripted into the SPARTAN-IV program 2 years after the human covenant war had ended. After conducting enough solo missions, Sam took the role as a leader for Fireteam Svalinn. He would train and handle Svalinn as he saw fit and would be willing to tackle the most dangerous missions the UNSC would offer him and his team.

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