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Casual Halo franchise lover playing in the US Central timezone. Leader of Heavenly Sword Spartan Company.

Spartan Company

Heavenly Sword

Heavenly Sword

Justice Comes From On High


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Est. 10/29/2015

Waypoint recruiting thread:
Heavenly Sword is a group of semi-casual players dedicated to enjoying the multiplayer experience together while building skills and gathering wins. This is the official company of Heavenly Sword Gaming found at

Basic guidelines:
1) Act respectfully toward all players, especially opponents, at all times, even when other players aren't acting respectfully toward you.
2) While there is no time commitment, HS is a community who encourages playing with some regularity (once per month).
3) Age 18+ and English language are required. When you join the community and participate in an interview, you will attain the rank of "Angel" and be ready to go!

When you're accepted, here's what you should do:
1) Sign up for the Discord App and Website (info on company Waypoint forum here once you are accepted).
2) Add your other companymen to your friends list.
3) Start chatting and interacting on Discord.

We have bi-monthly prizes like Microsoft Points, controllers, and more on our website. We also have monthly weekly events, tournaments, and clan battles!

If you have questions, please contact the company Leader, Truth Eternal.

Good luck out there!

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