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An active Spartan since Christmas of 2015. SR 101 with both of the Mark IV armor pieces and the coolest colors on this side of the Mississippi. Plays a lot of Warzone and soars through the sky in his 20 banshee ultras. Teammates call him their Savior his enemies call him their nemesis. Plays breakout, swat, BTB, slayer and infection in Arena. Is not the biggest Arena fan plays a lot of Warzone. Doesn't play Free for All or much Griffball because doesn't like it.

Spartan Company

The East Coasters

The East Coasters

Adapt and Overcome


5 Members

Est. 7/7/2016

We are casual gamers with SR from 20 all the way to 119. We play on Eastern Time and around 2-4 times a week (Unless we are not home). We want the Achilies Armor and we want it bad. Check the rules for different updates that may affect you. We are bran-spanking new and we want to make the East Coasters a Trade Marked name!

Any SR is accepted but this rule may change!

Before you join there are a few rules

Respect: No cursing or demoralizing others

Teamwork: Help one another!

Enjoyment: Have fun with the game!

Anything: Any Colors, Visor, Emblems, Helmets, and Armors

Activity: Try to get on once a week unlessyouhaveplans

Remeber who we are, The East Coasters!

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