Welcome to my Halo Waypoint Page!
I’ve been playing Halo for around six years now. I’m a Halo Collector, and Lore lover. I’ve met amazing friends and made amazing memories, with many more to come. I couldn’t be more lucky or thankful of the truly LEGENDARY people in my life!
Andrew S
Riley G
Andrew J
These dudes, I wouldn’t be here without! Never met me in person, but would do anything for me.

GOALS: 0/4 Complete
• To meet my Halo Bros in real life! [ ]
• It would be amazing to visit 343 Industries! [ ]
• To compete, or be apart of a live Halo tournament! [ ]
• Attain ALL Halo achievements! [ ]

Halo CE ANNIVERSARY: 100% Achievement Completion

Halo 3: 96% Achievement Completion // Gunnery Sergeant Grade 1

Halo 3 ODST: 100% Achievement Completion // Firefight High Score 792416

Halo Reach: 100% Achievement Completion // Captain

Halo 4: 100% Achievement Completion // SR130 Mastery

Halo MCC: 90% Achievement Completion // Fire Unicorn Nameplate owner // MCC Insider

Halo 5: 100% Achievement Completion // 152 Inheritor // Fire Unicorn Skin owner // #7Champion Slayer // Condemned

Halo 5 Forge: 100% Achievement Completion

Halo Wars: 10% Achievement Completion

Halo Wars Definitive Edition: 2% Achievement Completion

Halo Wars 2: 100% Achievement Completion // Major

Halo Spartan Strike: 100% Achievement Completion

Halo Spartan Assault W10: 100% Achievement Completion

Halo Spartan Assault Xbone: 100% Achievement Completion

Halo Spartan Assault 360: 100% Achievement Completion

Halo Fireteam Raven: 100% Completion // [TOTAL SCORE] Leaderboard #242 score of 31230

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Just a bunch of nobodies playing halo trying to win some warzone games

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