In the extremely unlikely chance that any of my old Waypoint friends happen to come on here looking for me, wondering whatever happened to ol' YapFlip, I've made the decision that I'm pretty much retiring from online gaming. My Live subscription expires in October 2019 and I don't intend to renew it this time.

I've grown tired of the hyper competitiveness and the hyper toxicity of the online world. Playing Halo multiplayer sadly just gives me a lot less joy than it does stress anymore, and it's just not worth it. I'm tired of doing poorly, I'm tired of losing, I'm tired of getting teabagged and grief'ed by the people on my own team because they're pissed that I'm not playing to their expectations, I'm tired of the nasty messages after games, I'm just tired of all of it. I'm a grown adult who has a full time job, two unpaid volunteer part time jobs, and I just began grad school online, besides also having a home, a yard and a pair of elderly parents and a disabled sister to take care of. I don't really need any more challenge in my life, thank you. I play video games to relax and multiplayer simply doesn't do that for me anymore. I'm not interested in practicing for hours daily just to git gud enough to have any success online. And it's not very bloody fun to do nothing but lose.

And if I'm not gonna play multiplayer anymore, since Halo still stubbornly won't add more offline content for solo players like we've been asking for for years, there's not much point in participating in the community since 99% of the conversation on here is about the online environment. No one really comes onto Waypoint to discuss campaign gameplay mechanics. And the few hardcore lore fans I used to enjoy talking to in the Universe section, don't really post often anymore, they've moved onto other sites.

I can only hope maybe Halo Infinite bucks the trend and offers more offline content than any previous Halo. In the meantime, while Halo will always hold a special place for me, I'm mostly moving onto other games. You can find me ripping and tearing demons in Doom 2016/Doom Eternal, or playing offline multiplayer against bots in COD. Hopefully Infinite will learn from those games.

Peace out

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Fireteam Glacier

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We're a group of friends, not afraid to play just for the sake of fun. We aren't all that competitive, but we like to take it easy and enjoy the game. Plenty of laughs are had by all! Custom games, Forge, unranked playlists, Warzone, you name it. Have a custom map or gametype? You can be sure we'll want to see it!

Who are we? As of today, we're friends interested in hanging out, enjoying Halo of all kinds, chatting, and laughing. What you won't find are caffeine-drenched psychopaths with mouths as big as their K/Ds, nor will you find complainers who gripe about every weapon or opponent they die to. You'll find friends, forge, fun... other words that start with f... Forerunner... Flood... falafel...

feeeeeeeelings, wo wo wo...

To be honest, I've kinda forgotten where I was going with this; it's starting to ramble. Where was I? Ah, yes, Halo. Fireteam Glacier, that's right.

Well, what more can really be said right now? Oh, yes, the Achilles armor. WE WANT THAT HELMET- and we're making a big push to get it before Infinite comes out. It'll take a while, but if you really enjoy Halo 5, if you would like a sweet helmet, if you like playing Halo to have fun...

See you on the virtual battlefield! #FeetFirstIntoHelmet

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