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Halo content creator based in the UK. Loves all Halo games, but has a preference for the "modern engine" games in the series.

Spartan Company

Metal Uprising Reforged

Metal Uprising Reforged


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Est. 12/31/2019

☆BEST Clan Recruiting HUB and MLG/RP/Casual Hybrid Clan in the Community!☆

🔥Join The Metal Uprising Reforged TODAY on MCC, and Halo Infinite when it Drops! We are now 60+ Clan Members strong, and our Server has reached 600+ members and grows EVERYDAY! WE ARE LOOKING FOR UK/EURO/AUSSI MEMBERS!

>>MLG Clan Battles & Raids⚔️
TMUR Halo Clan has Competitive MLG, and Raid Teams with a **win record of 5-2!** We have an entire Division dedicated to MLG and to teach you how to play competitive Halo!

>>Casual Divisions & TMUR Academy🛡️
Our casual Core Branch has Divisions suited to Supporting the Clan and Server with Forge & Custom games, Casual Matchmaking, and a friendly community to play with!
>☆The TMUR Academy is a Division dedicated to helping players get better at Halo by training them in their preferred playstyle!

>>TMUR: Task Force Uprising🎖️
A Devout Roleplay Army that Clashes with other Clans in Skirmishes, Team Tac's, and who love Halo roleplay! We are looking for UNSC Leadership (Spartan, Marines)

>>Ranking System
Your rank in the Clan will Depend on your rank in our Discord so the more active you are in-game and in chat and voice channels the quicker you will rank up. We have over 200 levels of ranking, with over 50 ranks, and unique ways to rank up!

>We have been in the community since 2012! (2012-2015, 2019-2020)

Message @Bamlett53 [TMUR]#1291 or @ModestMango#1613 to Join or recruit for your Clan!
You can also Check us out on YouTube by searching "The Metal Uprising Clan!

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