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Est. 11/6/2016


Evike is a private security company and serves as the main military arm of Charon Industries. We take our mission very seriously and take place in a wide range of military activities including training exercises, raids, military operations, intelligence gathering, operations research, security services, and secure logistics management. We aim to create innovative soldiers who exert a degree of creativity and excellence. They will work together as a team and use their full potential to complete their objectives. We make it our goal to be the best in our field and complete the mission at all costs.


You must be an active member- if you are not active enough or become inactive for too long you will be removed from the company, the more active you are the more secure your place is.
Must have the proper armor and emblem- Evike requires its soldiers to have the set armor and emblem upon recruitment. This is required when the solider is on active duty or participating in an operation. Exceptions may be made under certain circumstances.


We would prefer players that are skilled and who can be there on a regular basis. Also please put in a personal message when sending a request, you may be rejected if you send a default message.


Evike is designed to be as flexible as possible in terms of coordination between our fireteams and officers. We do this by using the app Discord, which houses Evike's central and command servers. Fireteam management and military operations are coordinated via our servers. It is required that you have Discord upon joining the company.


Fireteam Alpha: Redacted
Fireteam Omege: Redacted
Fireteam Beta: Redacted
Fireteam Delta: Inactive
Fireteam Theta: Inactive
Fireteam Gamma: Inactive
Fireteam Sigma: Inactive
Fireteam Eta: Inactive
Fireteam Iota: Inactive
Fireteam Epsilon: Inactive

Current Military Operations:

Operation Tartarus
Operation Makarov

"Everything I've built...Everything I've worked towards, rests upon a strong foundation. An intricate web of partners, politicians and clients each supporting one another and right now...your thread is straining to support the rest."
—The Chairman

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