I love to play Halo (any). My favorite though is ODST. I am a member of the 405th community and my favorite helmet permutations are the Halo 5 Security I have on presently and Reach Pilot w/o Haunted skull. I am an aircraft mechanic. And love to long range sharpshoot. I do papercraft/pepakura, foam building, and fiberglass. I love to autocross my “modded” 1990 Miata (just for clarification) lol. I one day want to get into mass producing the M12LRV. As in The Warthog. Yeah, hopes and dreams right.

I also play Halo 5 most of the weekend, but work one weekend out of each month, if anyone reads these and needs any spots for achievements, campaign runs, or multiplayer I’m usually available if I’m not working on the weekend. I have a few hours after 5pm Eastern to play online during the weekdays. I am working on Halo MCC achievements currently. Or running Campaigns on Legendary solo as best I can.

Also, if you send me a Spartan Company invite send a message why you’d like me to join, it’s really awkward when I get an invite that says how I should try and get into their Company yet they invited me. I feel out of place to even ask. In advance, I am a tenacious player, and I never quit because of bad players or really good opponents. If you leave because of connection or hackers it is the only ok thing to me. Yes this also hurts my stats overall. But sometimes the tides turn and one wins against four. Lol

// GamerTag- UrBoyChester
// CallSign- TAPE
// Spartan Company- Anvil and Hammer

// Facebook- (Hopefully) Anvil and Hammer
// Email-

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