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The original "Overdose", you want me behind the wheel and if I'm not driving you around, you definitely want me to have the sniper rifle.

Spartan Company

Legendary Difficulty

Legendary Difficulty

If youre not first, youre last


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Est. 3/15/2021

This company's Bio will change once Halo infinite comes out.

As of now I am building a Spartan team that is going to achieve max rank and 100% commendations FIRST. Meaning this company will have everything unlocked first. Im hoping it's something like Achilles in Halo 5.

This company has certain criteria you must meet to even join.

You must be at least SR 150 in Halo 5 Guardians and you must be willing to put alot of time into Halo Infinite as soon as it is released.

I will be needing responsible lieutenants as well as a YouTuber to show our quick progress.

Everyone who is a part of this company will receive a custom t-shirt when we accomplish what we aim to achieve.

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