Subject Name: Ensign John Xarrian Echo 7

Echo 7 was the 7th man of ODST's volunteers selected for section 3 of the 5th part of the original Orion I Program. The name of the program changed later to the Spartan Program (SP) and from here on out will be referred to as such. All five groups received chemical muscular enhancements as a first step in the process of possibly further enhancing all special force units. After several failures with the new powered MJOLNIR armor crushing its occupants, in section 2's group, Echo 7 and others were subjected to further enhanced muscle generating nanites and underwent the ceramic skeletal augmentation process. Dr. Catherine Halsey's notes indicated that this group would have been divided up with each smaller group receiving enhancements to prove out her human enhancement theories. ONI staff found out that the rejection rate of the ceramic skeletal augmentation process was devastatingly high and costly. Echo 7 was one of only 3 to whom survived long enough to be placed into cryo-sleep. After the later success of the Spartan II Program and the constant delays created by Dr. Halsey to begin the next class of Spartans. Dr. John X. Enright III. was assigned to research Dr. Halsey's work with ONIs' idea of replacing her. The also added several other objectives:

1st. Find out why the failure rate of the augmentation process was so high and correct it.
2nd. Figure out why did Dr. Halsey needed such stringent genetic requirements.
3rd. How can ONI reduce cost across the board?
4th. How can we make it possible to mass produce Spartans?
5th. How can we use soldiers, sailors, and airman in the program? (i.e. Adult volunteers) And the list goes on and on.

Dr. Enright did his assignment very well. Other doctors and engineers did use his cutting-edge research inspired from Dr. Halsey's work. Like Colonel James Ackerson who used it to lower the rejection rates and to lighten the armor, Dec. 27, 2531, to create the Spartan III Program but Ackerson still used orphan children. Later Admiral Parangosky used the research Sept. 20, 2552, for the Spartan IV Program that used service members like in the original Orion Program. Because the remaining three were a part of the original Orion Program and are now back in service they are considered to be Spartan 1's. With so many more modifications all three share similarities with all four generations of Spartan. Rumors circulated among the ONI technical and medical staffs about Dr. Enright because he worked so hard and tirelessly on this project, almost to the detriment of his own marriage. These rumors possibly occurred due to the last names of the remaining three cryo-Spartans had been changed to alphanumeric instead of keeping their last names for security reasons. Some believed that Echo 7 was Dr. Enright's father.

"If Dr. Halsey is the evil mother of the Spartan program then Dr. Enright would be the good father."
Admiral T. Sean Connery of the Scottish Royal Guard

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For all this, I decree, "I am a Spartan!"

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