Private Donut reporting for duty, sir. I'm ready to kill some aliens.

Spartan Company

Kimchi Spartan

Kimchi Spartan

For Achilles!


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Est. 7/14/2017

Our goal is simple: Achilles. Any active players who are interested in earning this armor with us, do not hesitate to join.

PLEASE NOTE: We have acquired the body armor (as of 2/27/18) and are currently working on the helmet. You can not receive Achilles armor from a company that has already unlocked it.

25/31 Commendations complete.
- Standard Issue (349209/388800): Level 5
- From The Top Rope (4325/4900): Level 5
- Road Trip (23918/29200): Level 5
- Too Fast For You (14918/19400): Level 5
- Sorry Mate (24359/38900): Level 5
- The Pain Train (4441/9700): Level 5
(Last updated July 21st, 2019)

- Play 10 approved games Sunday through Saturday. GAME TYPES THAT COUNT AND ARE APPROVED INCLUDE:
Warzone (not firefight), Big Team Battle, Big Team Fiesta, and any "Ranked" playlist.
- Prior to any absence or inability to meet weekly requirements, notify leadership here or (preferably) on the Discord server (link here). Please give dates when you expect to be absent and state why, and you will be excused within legitimate reason.
- If you choose to join our Discord server, please use your gamertag from as your name.
- Be respectful to one another. Blatant disrespect or rudeness WILL NOT be tolerated.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in being kicked from the company. Continuous kicks will result in bans.
Bans can be temporary or permanent depending on the nature of the infraction.

Any questions or concerns should be brought to the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd lieutenant. (Preferably through Discord)

Sir Deathsalot: 1st Lieutenant.
XCrimson AloneX: 2nd Lieutenant.
Castrocream117: 3rd Lieutenant.

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