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Sea AnEnemies

Sea AnEnemies

Sniping from the corals.


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Est. 12/14/2015

---------------Welcome to the Company---------------
We are the Sea An Enemies. From one method or another, we have found each other in the expansive reaches of the Earth. It is our goal to move as a family, conquering others and reaching goals that may seem insurmountable to some; however, we are definitely not shy of a good time. Occasionally we just unsling our rifles, have a drink, and fire at the empty bottles on the fence. Our company is one such that would allow for you to create your own array of comradery within. You may fight within our forces whether you have personal goals to accomplish, want someone to have your back on the field, or even just want someone to brag of your bloodbath exploits to. Otherwise, you may be interested in our more prominent goal: To find the elusive treasure known as the helmet of Achilles. Only by filling our pockets with the dog tags of our opponents shall we be able to prove our worth in the arenas we pass through, and we can only do that by emptying our weaponry into the gullets of our opposition. There is always another battle to fight, and each win is another step toward the ultimate goal. Would you like to join the family, and become a Sea An Enemy?

Looking For Active And Competitive Players

Body Armor Achieved: August 20, 2016
Repeat: Body armor has already been discovered. The helmet is our last Holy Grail.

Competitive Requirements:

        • Ears on, Spartan. We need complete Comms in order to effectively coordinate strategy.
        • Our main form of communication is Discord, as we often walk different paths across our journeys. Download as soon as you are accepted.
        • Aim to log at least 3 active days of Arena per week. We understand Spartan, people get busy.
        • Listen and coordinate with lieutenants. We're speaking for a reason.
        • Don't go rusty. The time spent in the Arena should alleviate possibilities.

We aim to have a fair mix of competition seekers and casual members. Don't be surprised to enter mixed groups often. We're all brothers and sisters.


        • Obtain the Achilles Helmet. All work moves us forward.
        • Create a fantastic place for Spartans to reside, wherever we may roam.
        • Enjoy ourselves. The Covenant have broken apart. It's time to practice against other Spartan groups, to make sure we could stand a chance should another force make themselves apparent.

Leader & Founder:
Onyx Leviathan and XeroReality
Your Lieutenants:
Onyx Leviathan

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